Circles 1

Vicki Wilkinson is searching for this quilt which was made for Marge Cassel, and hung in her home. She moved to a care home in Santa Cruz, California and died a month later. Marge wanted the quilt returned to Vicki, but it was never seen again. The quilt was last seen in the Los Gatos, California during May 2010.

This original quilt is 14″ by 14″. It is made with mostly gold-toned Asian prints. It was machine pieced and machine quilted in 2008. It does have a label.

If you have any information regarding this quilt, please contact Vicki at

Tree of Life and Universe

Jean Nelson is asking that people be watching for two art quilts that were last seen on November 23, 2016. Both quilts were made by Piece for Peace. The quilts were on display at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center of UConn in Storrs, Connecticut when they were removed after the facility was closed.

“Tree of Life” is an original art quilt that is 90″ by 80″. The main colors are green, brown, and blue. It was begun in 1990 and completed in 2016.

“Universe” is also an original design. It is 100″ square. The main colors are black, red, and blue. It was made in 1985.

If you find either of these quilts, please contact Jean at

Church Camp T-shirt Quilt

Rachel Blanchard is searching for her quilt which was made out of her church camp t-shirts. It was last seen on July 19, 2015. It was in her car in Tulsa, Oklahoma when her car was stolen.

This full-size quilt consists of T-shirts with Scripture verses on them. The quilt was made by her mother. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. The main color is yellow.

If you find this quilt, please contact Rachel at

City Parking Lot quilt

Mary Jo Anderson would like to locate a City Parking Lot quit that as he made for her son, Ryan. This custom made quilt was last seen in May 2016 in the Bob Jones University Ironside Dorm, Greenville, South Carolina. It was picked up by someone on the last day of school.

This quilt is twin size. It looks like a parking lot in the city. The main colors are brown, white, and multi-color solids. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. It has a label that says, “Made for Ryan Anderson by his mom / High school graduation.” The label is hand appliqués to the lower right corner on the back.

If you’ve seen a quilt that fits this description, please contact Mary Jo at

Family Sunbonnet Sue quilt

Sherry is hoping to recover her family’s Sunbonnet Sue (also known as Dutch Girls) quilt. It may have been left in a hotel room in Palm Dale, California or Riverside, California. The quilt was last seen around 1989 or 1990.

Her grandmother hand sewed the quilt for Sherry’s daughter after she was born in 1985. There are twelve blocks on this youth-sized quilt. Each Sunbonnet Sue has different color eyes and a different expression, and each is labeled with an embroidered name of one of the girls in the family. Some of the names are Sherry, Donna, Marie, Audrey, Nancy, Judy, and Theresa.

If you find this quilt, please contact Sherry at

Recovered! Satori’s Coming of Age into Womanhood quilt

Satori-ComingOfAge1In May 2014, Adele reported that she purchased a queen size quilt at a local secondhand store in Langley, British Columbia. She called it Satori’s Coming of Age into Womanhood quilt. It is dated 31 October 2009. Adele was looking for Satori (no last name). She believed this beautiful quilt must have been lost or stolen because it was obviously custom made with a lot of love from the women in her family. It was sewn/quilted by Cindy Paulsgrove and Dawn Frankwick.

In December 2016, Adele writes, “I finally united this quilt with a grateful family 2 weeks ago. This was a wonderful experience and I met a lovely family in the process. This makes me happy. ????”

Recovered! Alex’s Memorial Quilt

crawfordkristy-alexsmemorialquiltKristy Crawford would like to recover her son’s, Alex, memorial quilt. It was last seen during October 2016 in Urbana, Maryland. It became missing during the time she was moving and she was selling and donating items.

Happily, Kristy has now recovered this quilt! It was accidentally donated, but she was able to track it down again!!!

This quilt is about 72″ square. It is made from 16 t-shirts including ones from Urbana, Maryland; the Washington Nationals; Minions; Arizona; and Azkaban. The quilt was made in 2016, and it has a gray background.

Nicole’s quilt

halabutpaula-nicolesquiltPaula Halabut is asking for help in locating Nicole’s quilt. The quilt was last seen on November 5, 2016 when it was sent from Belleville, Michigan. The delivery driver did not delivery it to the correct address, and the package was apparently stolen.

This quilt is 63″ by 72″. It is multicolored, and it is machine pieced and machine quilted.

If you find this quilt, please contact Paula at

Watercolor Wreath

weiskircheramber-watercolorroundrobinAmber Weiskircher hopes to recover her round robin quilt. This quilt was last seen in March 2014. This was a “round robin” group project where each person sews a border onto a center square, and then mails it to the next person. The person receiving this quilt had moved but did not update their address. The quilt was sent from Montana to the old address on a military base in New York, and it was never seen again.

This quilt is about 60-70″ square. The main colors are pink, purple, and black. It was machine pieced and hand appliquéd in 2014.

If you find this quilt, please contact Amber at

Cassie’s Quilt

blodgettdonna-cassiesquiltDonna Blodget is searching for Cassie’s quilt. The quilt was last seen during the Spring of 2014. It had been sent to a machine quilter in Georgia, and that quilter’s husband took it to Goodwill by mistake. The Goodwill said they never had it. Cassie’s mother did a lot of searching in Georgia to no avail.

This quilt is an oversized queen quilt. The main colors are psychedelic purple, green, and white. It was made with T-shirts with Cassie’s name and her teams’ names. This quilt is machine pieced. It was machine quilted in Georgia where it was last seen. The machine quilter was supposed to put on a label which says, “To Cassie with love from your family 2013.” It is also supposed to have an embroidery design of a girl at a piano, a basketball, and test of “Designed and hand made by Donna Blodgett.”

If you find this quilt, please contact Donna at