Stolen: Graduation 2016 Quilt

Becky Robinson made a colorful quilt to celebrate her grandson’s 2016 graduation of red, blue, green, and white fabrics.   She also included Pickles comic strip panels, pictures of rolled-up diplomas, airplanes, and golf images.  The quilt was machine pieced and quilted.

Raymond’s quilt was last seen on July 5, 2018 in his living room in Lincolnton, North Carolina. It was stolen in a burglary later that week. The family assumes “the quilt was used to pad or conceal the two TVs that were also stolen.”

Regarding this missing quilt, The Robinsons said, “My grandson’s house was burglarized, probably on July 6 or 7, 2018, in the Boger City area of
Lincolnton, N.C. We figure the quilt, being in the living room, was
used to cover the two TVs that were also taken. The quilt was designed
and made by my wife as a graduation gift in 2016. It commemorates some
of the fun things we used to do when the kids came here to Indiana
during the summers. There are also panels from the Pickles comic strip
that relate to grandparents and grandkids. We are heartbroken over
this heartless act, and would appreciate any information if you see it

A reward of $250 will be paid upon its return, or for information leading directly to its recovery. If you know where it is please contact Glenn Robinson (260) 330-9625 or my grandson in Lincolnton at (980) 282-0778.” 

UPDATE –FOUND: Jungle Fever Triangles Quilt

UPDATE– This quilt has been returned to the quilter, Pam Brennaman

Pam Brennaman, a quilter in Clearwater, Florida made this 48″ x 54″ dark brown and jungle prints pieced quilt for her brother in law. It was shipped it to him in Oklahoma City, OK, and the  shipper reported it delivered on August 13, 2018, earlier than expected, at 9 AM.  By 10 AM the quilt was missing.  The quilt is labeled with the following:

To Mark Brennaman
Much love
Pam Brennaman
Clearwater FL
August 2018

The label is written with marker on a triangle attached under the binding to a corner of quilt backing, in a corner. Pam says, “Please be on the lookout in OKC area for this quilt I made for my brother-in-law.” Pam Brennaman can be reached at Please be aware and share this information and pictures as the quilt has just gone missing very recently.  Let’s help Pam and Mark to bring this lost quilt home!


Stolen: Disney Quilt

Cheryl Haynes is looking for a quilt that was stolen from the Jimmie B Keel Library Bookstore in Tampa, Florida on May 29, 2018.  Cheryl’s quilt “Disney from my childhood” was made in 1987 of blue and white fabric with Disney characters hand embroidered into individual squares.  It was pieced, appliqued, and quilted by hand.  Additionally, the quilt is labeled with the following handwritten message:  “The very best place to be is in a loving family”. The label might also say Cheryl Davis or Cheryl Haynes and the Haynes family Disney quilt.

Disney from my childhood quilt

Cheryl reports that the quilt was in a bag with a pair of jeans and other quilt work. The bag was being stored behind a desk in the Library Bookstore when it went missing.

A reward is being offered for any information leading to the return of this quilt.  If you know anything about this quilt please contact Cheryl Haynes at

Missing: Gray Bird at Dusk Quilt

Julie Bagamary reports that a grey and white 28″ x 23″ quilt was stolen from the Mountain Made Gallery in Ashville, North Carolina.  It was last seen at the gallery on July 29, 2018.  This quilt uses all batik fabrics,with a heavily hand embroidered large gray bird on a post. It was machine pieced and hand appliqued.
There is a label on the back of the quilt which reads, “Gray Bird At Dusk”
Julie Bagamary, Fairview, NC. Anyone who has information about this quilt is asked to contact Julie Bagamary at


Missing: Family Reunion Quilt

Deandra Harris is looking for a quilt that was taken from a storage unit in Nashville, Tennessee sometime since January 1, 2018.  This quilt was a joint effort of the Ward, Walker and Woods families, made of purple and white fabrics.  If you have any information about this quilt please contact Deandra at

Lost: Baby quilt on road trip from Chicago to the Ozarks

Jill Lewis was traveling with her family from Chicago to the Ozark Mountains in June of 2018 when this quilt was accidentally left at one of their stops.  It’s a very colorful 4′ x 4′ quilt of primarily blue and yellow fabrics, with the name Thomas Anthony Lewis 2/5/14 embroidered on it.  If you’ve have any information about this quilt please contact Jill Lewis at JILLLEWIS511@GMAIL.COM


Missing: Mountain Quilt


Sally Schultz reports that a quilt made in 2018 by her mother in law has gone missing in the process of moving from one apartment to another in Monroe, Iowa. This queen sized “Mountain” quilt is the quiltmaker’s original design hand pieced of blue and purple batik fabrics with green and gold quilting cotton fabric. The quilt was finished with celtic knots, and has a label which states, “Made by Jo Ann Schultz” sewn on the back.

Sally reports, “I think it happened when we were moving… I am missing other miscellaneous things also. I didn’t report it because we hadn’t totally unpacked. I went through everything and can’t find it!
Any information would be much appreciated. We hadn’t had it that long,
and were leaving that place because our new neighbors were loud.

If you know anything about this quilt you can contact Sally Schultz at

Lost: Terri’s Quilt

On June 29, 2018 a twin sized quilt was taken from Stacy Lindblom’s front porch  in San Jose, CA.  This quilt is made by Stacy’s sister in law, of several different blocks using red, black, tan and brown fabrics.  Stacy reports that it was delivered by a shipping company “dropped off my package and unfortunately I wasn’t home. It was delivered earlier than I thought it would be. Someone took it off my front porch”. If you have seen this quilt, or have any information about it, please contact Stacy at


Found: Beautiful Asian styled quilt with pandas and dragons

I’ve been contacted by a quilter who is looking for the owner of this very unique item. Kathleen Bell wrote: “Does anyone recognize this two-sided quilt? It was given to me (Kathleen Bell) by a person who had no idea of its origin. It was most likely picked it up at a thrift store in Florida. It has no label.
This quilt is the quiltmaker’s original design, measuring 49” by 62”.
The quilt has definite Asian influences, with pandas and dragon embellishments and silk as well as cotton navy blue, red and multi-colored fabrics used. Of the quilt Kathleen said, “ I hate to see some persons history get lost. If it is truly lost I would like to help find its way home.” If you have any information to share, Kathleen can be reached at

Stolen: ZigZag Through the Garden Quilt

Please help Melanie Testa find this two sided, hand printed ZigZag Through the Garden quilt. There are some commercial prints on the back, but most of the fabrics are of her own printed creation of reds, yellows and blues. The quilt measures 68″ x 75″
Melanie’s quilt was made in 2017, machine pieced and machine quilted and is not labeled. It was last seen during the winter of 2017/18. Of the quilt Melanie says, “I made this two sided quilt and gained its entry into two well loved magazines, International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene 2017 and Fons and Porters, Modern Patchwork …The front was completely hand printed using Melly Marks stamps and thermofax screens.”
“Unfortunately, when the quilt was shipped back to me, it was left on my stoop, by the shipper, and was stolen off my doorstep. I live in New York City. My doorstep opens out onto the street and there is nowhere to discreetly hide a package.”
Please help us locate this unique quilt! If you have any information please contact Melanie Testa at: