Quilt Lost near Denver Intl. Airport

Kelly Jo Taylor is asking for help in finding a quilt that flew out of the bed of a pickup truck while traveling on the highway from Lakewood, Colorado to the Denver International Airport on Saturday, May 11, 2019.

Kelly Jo machine pieced and quilted this original design, full size quilt of Moda’s Biscuits and Gravy fabrics in 2018 for Caryn Taylor. While it does not have a label, “Caryn” is embroidered on a corner of the quilt.

If you have any information that will help with locating this quilt, please contact Kelly Jo Taylor at taylorsteam11@gmail.com

Lost: Steelers Colors Quilt

Noel Bliman is asking for help in finding a quilt she made in 2017 for her son and his family. This quilt, which Noel calls her “Steelers Colors Quilt” is approximately 48″ square. It was made from a paper piecing pattern of black, gold, and white fabrics. The quilt consists of 16 blocks in all, 2 of each block type. This stunningly complex quilt was machine pieced and quilted. On the back of the quilt a had sewn label says something like, “Steelers/Penguins Quilt made with love for the Todd Bliman family by Gram Bliman.”

Noel shipped the quilt from Pittsburgh. PA to her son’s home in Portland, OR in December, 2017. The shipping company has a record of the parcel having been delivered to the intended destination, but the gift was never found. Noel believes it was stolen from her son’t front door. If you have seen this quilt, or know anything about it’s whereabouts, please contact Noel Bliman at noelbliman@hotmail.com

Seeking Quilt Owner!

A woman in Santa Maria, CA contacted me with information about a quilt that was delivered to her place of employment packed into a box that was intended for her employer. The quilt is approximately six feet by seven feet, made of pink and green floral fabrics on a white or neutral background. It looks to have been machine quilted. Julia explained that their package originated in Ohio, but came open in shipping and was repackaged with this quilt in Memphis, TN before being delivered to Santa Maria, CA. There are no labels on the quilt, nor any shipping documents. If you recognize this quilt and know anything about who owns it, please contact me at info@lostquilt.com

Lost: Colorful Paisley Quilt

Shelly Welton is asking for help in finding a quilt that was left in a laundromat in Kentwood, Michigan in 2007. The quilt measures 100′ x 100″ and is made of 11 different colors of paisley fabrics, collected over time. In 2002 Shelly designed the quilt pattern (all squares) on graph paper, and machine pieced it together. The backing has a couple rows of the print running across the top, and the rest is all plain white/cream. Thick embroidery thread was used to tie the quilt.

Shelly said, “There are no extra bells and whistles, as this was my first bed-size quilt, and it was (in my eyes) perfect! That’s why I call it ‘My Pride
and Joy.'”

Shelly’s quilt was last seen at a laundromat in Kentwood, Michigan. “My husband left it in one of the dryers, apparently. I didn’t notice that it was missing for two months later, when I went to use it, and it was gone. I just know someone has it, or knows about it! I am offering a $250.00 reward for the return of my quilt (in decent order)”

If you know anything about the whereabout of this special quilt, please contact Shelly Welton at shwacky@comcast.net

Lost: Good Fortune Quilt

PLEASE HELP!! Let’s blow up social media with this information. LeeAnn was traveling to Mountain Quilt Fest in Pigeon Forge, TN today when she lost this beautiful quilt.If you’re familiar with Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilts, this is from the most recent mystery quilt, Good Fortune. In her own words: “Driving down the road about an hour ago near the conference center. The back of my friend’s car popped open (just outside of Honey Baked Ham 2740 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge, TN around 5 PM on March 21, 2019) my machine rolled out! We got to the center for Bonnie’s class and realized that a black rolling briefcase full of Christmas scraps, a Cincinnati phone book & my Good Fortune top must have rolled out too! My machine is fine, but I’m heartbroken that the black rolling briefcase and quilt are gone! If you find it or see it or hear about it, please let me know! Thanks!” If you have any information you can reach Lee Ann at: Lee_ann_conard@msn.com

Missing: 3 Glenda Wilder Mini Quilts

Glenda Wilder is asking for help in locating three quilts, all her original design. These quilts were shipped from Hannover, Germany to the US, to be used as display items in a quilt show in Houston, TX. A box containing quilts was shipped on October 16, 2018 from Germany to Houston, TX. When it was received at the show, the package was sealed and inside was a note from the shipping company’s processing center in Atlanta, Georgia, stating that “the box came open and some items may have been lost”. The following 3 quilts went missing from this shipment:

Stars Over the Pumpkin Patch is one of Glenda Wilder’s original designs. This mini quilt, made in 2018 is 24″ square and features  orange, turquoise, white/multi, and green fabrics used to create pieced pumpkins and stars.

Frosty Friends was made in 2017 of Glenda Wilder’s original design. It is a round quilt measuring 24″ diameter featuring grey, white, black, and apple green fabrics to construct snowmen with apple green scarves and black hats on grey patterned background. This quilt was machine pieced, machine appliqued, and machine quilted, with machine embroidered carrot noses. Frosty Friends is not labeled

Merry Kicksmas, is a  round mini quilt, approximately 46″ in diameter. Glenda used white background with holiday fabrics in the appliques of Cowboy boots, Stars and letters, spelling out “Merry Christmas”. Glenda made this pattern sample in 2017, using machine applique and machine quilting methods.

Please keep your eyes open for these mini quilts. If you have any information about Glenda Wilder’s quilt samples, she can be reached at glendawilderdesigns@gmail.com

Lost in shipping: Megan’s Quilt

Jennifer Nilson is asking for help in locating a t-shirt quilt she made in January, 2019. This t-shirt quilt is the quilt maker’s original design, measuring approximately 75” x 75”, made of a solid gray fabric and 25 t-shirts. The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted. This t-shirt quilt is labeled with the name of Jennifer Nilson and website ww.wildzipper.com

Megan’s Quilt

On February 7, 2019 Jennifer shipped the quilt to Megan in Greenville, SC. The shipper confirmed that it was delivered as addressed, to a large apartment complex in Greenville, however Megan never received it. Jennifer added, “I don’t know if it was stolen or someone has it and is waiting for the owner to contact him/her?”

If you have any information regarding this quilt, please contact Jennifer at wildzipper@gmail.com A $250 reward has been offered, no questions asked for the return of this quilt.

Lost: Jelly Roll Lap Quilt

Lori Roberts is looking for a lap quilt that was a birthday gift to her mother while she was in a nursing home. The quilt was made from a Missouri Star Quilt Company and 3 Dudes Quilt Shop tutorial, featuring jelly roll strips.

The quilt was hand pieced and machine quilted with yellow thread in a meander pattern. The quilt has a label which reads, “Happy Birthday Aunt Corinne. Love, Susie 9-11-2014. Lori reported, “After my mom passed away this quilt was not in her things. The quilt would have been last seen at The Willows Nursing Home or Health South Rehabilitation Center in Parkersburg, WV sometime before February, 2017. It would mean so much to me and to the quilt maker to have this back with us.” If you have any information about the whereabouts of this quilt you can reach Lori at ljroberts1228@suddenlink.net or suswil60@gmail.com .

Recovered! Culture Quilt

Update: This quilt has been found! Alison contacted me to say that the person who quilted this also follows Lost Quilt Come Home, and has reached out to her. Questions answered and everyone involved is satisfied.

Alison Smith is looking for a quilt she made in 2002 while at East Tennessee State University.  Ali named her project “Culture Quilt”. This unique quilt is an original design, between single and double bed size, made of blue batik fabric for both the border and sashings.

I was contracted to teach the workshop and students made squares during the day which were incorporated into the quilt. Sorority Delta made a square and a Blind female among others participating.

Ali last saw this quilt in October, 2002 at East Tennessee State University. Ali reported, “This quilt was NOT stolen. I would like to know where it is so I can label it and give a brief story about the quilt. I didn’t do that 16 years ago. I was a new quilter.”

If you have any information about this Culture Quilt, please contact Allison Smith at Smithall27@gmail.com

Lost in shipping: “I Love My Dog” quilt

Jonica McPhail is asking for help locating a quilt made in 2018 that has been lost in shipping.

“I love my dog” is from a commercial pattern, measuring approximately 60” x 60”. The main colors used are black, white, and red. All of the fabrics in the quilt are dog-themed. The backing is a “I love my Dog” fabric.

Jonica reported the quilt last seen on December 4, 2018.

“The quilt was shipped to Dana Runkle in Westbrook, CT but with an incorrect zip code. Shipping records show it was delivered to New Haven not Westbrook, (because of the zip code). I have filed a lost package claim with the shipping company. They are unable to find where the package went. I would love help in finding my wayward quilt!”

If you recognize this quilt and have any information please contact Jonica at: jjmcphail@gmail.com