Entering Quilt Shows

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Be sure to ask questions before you agree to display your quilt. Here are a few questions you can ask before you decide to entrust your quilt to someone else’s care.

What kind of security will be provided?

Quilts have disappeared before and after shows because no one was guarding the exits.

What kind of receipt will be given when the quilt is dropped off?

You should receive some kind of proof that your quilt was received. You should see them place your quilt in a safe, secure place.

What kind of insurance will be provided during the show?

Large quilt shows typically insure the quilts while they are in their possession. This does not include the shipping time to and from the show. Often, small local shows do not insure the quilts. Be sure to ask first. If they don’t offer insurance, weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you leave your quilt.

How much insurance will be provided?

Often the quilt is only insured for a nominal amount unless you send a photocopy of your appraisal to substantiate the value of your quilt.

What kind of identification will be required to pick the quilt up at the show?

As a minimum, you should be required to return the receipt you were given when you dropped off your quilt or you should be asked for a photocopy of the entry form. Additional security measures may include presenting a photo ID.

What procedure will be followed if the quilt is to be returned by mail or other shipping company?

You should include a mailing label when you ship your quilt to a show. If a mailing label is not present when the quilt is received, the show coordinators should be required to contact you before shipping the quilt back to you.