Who Am I?

I was just a quilter who loves quilts, and then I had an eye-opening experience when one of my own quilts was almost lost by a shipping company. That was the beginning of this website.

I’m still just a quilter who loves quilts. I particularly enjoy creating original quilts that include people and portraits. You can see my quilts at my website, www.mariaelkins.com.



Who Am I? — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this service. I too lost a beloved quilt my Grandmother made for me in the late 1950″s in Denver. I was living in Greeley, CO. It has sun bonnet babies- holding embroidered flowers. The babies have embroidered curls hanging down from their bonnets. The background is green. I believe she embroidered her initials MHN. I will pay top dollar to be reunited with this quilt- no questions asked. Thank you!!!