Estate Quilt Recovered!

Ann Rutherford-Berthiaume is hoping to recover some quilts that were sold against her wishes at an auction at 211 University Ave., Waxahachie, TX on July 30, 2005. The auctioneer was Larry Schaefer.

These quilts were her grandmother’s, her great-grandmother’s, and possible her great-great-grandmother’s. There were 20-21 sold at the auction. She had asked for photos of all the quilts but only received about one-fifth of them. She was able to purchase the ones she knew about, but was never told about the twenty or more others. She basically has one generation and is missing the other two generations.

UPDATE: July 2, 2019: fast forward nearly 14 years! Ann has heard from someone in Texas who has found the Cathedral Windows quilt, and knows who has others of the quilts she has sought.  Ann was pleased to receive pictures of the quilt, and know that this quilter is taking care to repair the quilt, after years of wear and tear.  Ann still wonders what has happened to the crazy quilt that her grandmother always pulled out to use when Ann visited.  

Patterns of the auctioned quilts are a crazy quilt made of silks with embroidery which is believed to be made by her great-grandmother, a log cabin quilt, bowtie, nine patch, etc. See photo of the auction quilts below. The crazy quilt was sold to a lady from Midlothian, TX. Obviously she will not be able to buy back all the quilts but would like the buyers to contact her.

She is also looking for some quilts that were taken from her grandmother’s residence in the late 1980’s when her grandmother was ill. The family realized these were missing when the estate was being settled. There was a double wedding ring, a grandmother’s flower garden, and a cathedral window. The double wedding ring had never been used and was made of cottons, hand-pieced and hand-quilted. It is believed it was made in the late 1930’s or 1940’s.

If you have any information about these quilts, please contact Ann at

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