Quilt Lost in Murray, UT

Mary Luna is asking for our help in locating a quilt she believes was
Stolen or thrown away by her son’s roommate. The quilt Mary is seeking is a queen sized with a black and white  houndstooth background, with multi colored calico squares.

Bryce’s missing quilt on the right

In 2014 91 year old Lila Scheer hand pieced and machine quilted this quilt for her great grandson. The quilt has a label stitched on the back, which reads, “  For Bryce Coltrin..2014.. By great grandmother Lila Scheer age 91″

This quilt was last seen at Bryce’s rental house, in Murray, UT.  
Bryce had a falling out with his roommate, who evicted him and then kept
and threw away almost all his belongings.

Mary added: Thank you. I had no idea this website existed. And even though I know the chances are very slim this will be recovered, it is actually
comforting to see how many other people have lost precious heirlooms.
Horrible, of course. But to know this sickening feeling has company
and we can get through it!

If you’ve seen this quilt or have any information related to it, please contact Mary Luna at hadalamb72@gmail.com

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