Lost: Smith Mountain Morning Quilt

Pamela Crane is asking for help in locating a very special quilt she made in 2016 for her son, Kyle Lunger from his green and khaki BDU’s, worn while stationed in Iran.

This quilt was made with Bonnie Hunter’s Smith Mountain Morning pattern.  The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted. It measures 71 by 80 inches

Pamela reported, “I don’t remember, but I believe the quilt was labeled. My name (Pamela Crane) and the date (2016), probably, and maybe my son’s name (Kyle Lunger) would be on the label, sewn on the back in a corner.”

Kyle’s quilt last seen in Greenville, South Carolina in September, 2018. Pamela said, “My son and his family lost their home and were not able to retrieve many of their belongings. There were quite a few quilts left behind and I fear they were probably thrown in the trash. I am not hopeful that this quilt will be found, but just in case…” If you know anything about this quilt please contact Pamela Crane at pbl4him@aol.com

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