Hawaiian Dreams Quilt Lost in New Jersey

Mary is asking for help in locating her 40” by 50” Hawaiian Dreams quilt. This bright quilt is made from fabrics purchased when Mary’s sister traveled to Hawaii in 2000.

The fabrics are Hawaiian prints of bright green, light blue, yellow with white flowers, and red with turtles and fish.  The quilt also has black accents,and a red backing that draped around to the front. Mary machine pieced the quilt and has nearly completed hand quilting it. The binding was not done.

On July 24,2019 Mary was driving on Asbury Anderson Road, in Warren County New Jersey when the hatch of her car opened and the quilt fell out.  She reported it to the police on July 27 2019 and posters put up around the area

Mary said, “This is very precious to me as my sister brought home fabrics from Hawaii it took me a couple of years to figure out what to do with them. A local quilt guild was making a mystery quilt and that’s how I got
started. I did not know how to machine quilt so I decided to hand quilt.

My quilt was almost finished. I had 12 inches to finish the design and put on the binding so no label was on it. This was the very first quilt I had ever hand quilted.” 
If you have any information about this quilt please contact mary at marysuk@gmail.com

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