Signature Quilt

Kelly Bailey is searching for a family signature quilt. It was made by her 2nd or 3rd aunt. The quilt was last seen in 1991. It was in her hope chest in the garage of a friend who apparently sold it in a garage sale.

It was made around 1979 or 1980. It is cobalt blue on one side and white on the other side. The signatures were embroidered with different colors. She thinks it has the Smith family name in blue. Some other names that might be on the quilt are Kelly Letien, Kenneth (Ken) Letien, Kristine
(Kristine) Letien, Lewis Crews, Idella (Della) Crews, and/or Rosemary Bollman.

Kelly writes, “I KNOW this is a long shot, but here it goes.
I am looking for a family quilt that was presented at my grandparents
family reunion when I was about 8 (this was my mom’s mom’s family)
Everyone signed the quilt and my aunt took it home and hand stitched
over the signatures in different colors. I never forgot that quilt &
talked about how I’d love to have it to keep. My senior year in high
school, my grandmother (my dad’s mom) surprised me with it. This was
in 1988. BEST GIFT E-V-E-R!!

“In 1991, I was living in Mineral Wells, TX. I wasn’t there long, but
I lived with a co-worker at the time. When I decided to move back
home, I asked if I could keep my things in her garage for a few weeks
until I can get a truck to load it all up. She said that was fine.
When I returned about 3 weeks later, she said she sold EVERYTHING in a
garage sale…INCLUDING MY HOPE CHEST with LOTS of memories in it…it
had that quilt in there!!!!”

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