Missing: Mountain Quilt


Sally Schultz reports that a quilt made in 2018 by her mother in law has gone missing in the process of moving from one apartment to another in Monroe, Iowa. This queen sized “Mountain” quilt is the quiltmaker’s original design hand pieced of blue and purple batik fabrics with green and gold quilting cotton fabric. The quilt was finished with celtic knots, and has a label which states, “Made by Jo Ann Schultz” sewn on the back.

Sally reports, “I think it happened when we were moving… I am missing other miscellaneous things also. I didn’t report it because we hadn’t totally unpacked. I went through everything and can’t find it!
Any information would be much appreciated. We hadn’t had it that long,
and were leaving that place because our new neighbors were loud.

If you know anything about this quilt you can contact Sally Schultz at schultzfamily113@gmail.com

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