Misdelivered Quilt is going home. OK!

This happened so quickly that I couldn’t find the time to post it here before the mystery was solved.  In October, 2018 a quilt was shipped from a retail location with the intent to go from one city to another both in Oklahoma.  The address label that was created had significant errors.  Here’s the message that came to Lost Quilt Come Home.  “Looking for the owner. Ihave this quilt. It was delivered to Payless, Brookville, Ohio about 3 weeks ago, with no information on the outside or inside.”  Apparently the quilt should have been delivered to an address in Oklahoma, but instead went to Ohio.

A post was created and put on the Facebook page for Lost Quilt Come Home.  Before the day was over a Facebook user recognized the quilt as her daughter’s Lazy Sunday missing quilt!  After a few lengthy video chats,  several text messages, and the support of an active quilting community on Facebook, the quilt is now being safely shipped back home to Oklahoma. OK!

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