Lost: King Size Space themed quilt

Natalie Dueck is asking for help in finding a king sized quilt that was lost in the vicinity of Whiteshell Provincial Park, in Manitoba, Canada. Natalie reported, “A week ago one of my boys went camping in the Whiteshell. On the way home the tarp came loose from the top of the truck and his bag fell off. They went back to look for it but it was nowhere to be found. Sadly, it contained a king sized quilt that I had made for him. It has a space theme and is irreplaceable. If you’ve ever made a quilt you will understand the number of hours sourcing fabrics, cutting and piecing, and sewing. A quilt is something I wanted each of my children to have as a memory of how much they mean to me. I’m very sentimental and so this loss is rather painful for me.”

This colorful quilt is made of multicolor fabrics with blue and gray planets, stars, galaxies.  The quilt is an original design, that was machine pieced and machine quilted.  

If you know of someone who’s found it, please contact me at natalie@rawnata.com The boys saw a vehicle stop in the area where they’d lost it but the vehicle then passed them but didn’t stop. They went back to the bend to look but nothing was there. The quilt was in a black ripped up garbage bag with two pillows. Other items that came off was an expensive roll out sleeping pad from Cabelas. It most likely happened on either on the 307 Highway, 11 or 12.  

A reward of $200 is being offered, no questions asked, for the return of this king sized quilt.  Please contact Natalie Dueck at  natalie@rawnata.com if you have any information.  

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