I Spy Alaska

Nadja Bode is searching for a quilt she made called I Spy Alaska. The quilt was last seen in November 2017. It was accidentally given to a thrift store in either Raymond, South Bend, Hoquim, or Aberdeen; all cities in Washington.

This lap-size quilt is mainly purples, blues, and pinks. There are Alaskan animal fabrics bordered with pink fireweed fabric. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. Nadja used an I Spy quilt pattern by Lisa Moore. It may or may not be labeled. If it is, it would have been written with a Micron pen on the back, and it would say something like “To Honey (or Nellie) From Nadja.”

Nadja had given this quilt to her mother-in-law, and it was to be returned to Nadja when her mother-in-law passed away, but someone took it to a thrift store instead. Nadja will give an Alaskan reward for its return. If you find this quilt, please Nadja at Nbod@hotmail.com.

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