Found: Signature Quilt

Donna Boots is looking for help in locating family members of the makers of a signature quilt from most likely the 1940’s.  Genealogical research indicates that some of the names on the quilt may have ties to Oklahoma.  Donna bought this signature quilt at an auction in New Mexico, in an area where retirement communities are popular among military families, which makes it likely the quilt has been moved from it’s original home.  

Mrs. Carl Thompson 3-1-33

Donna’s story, “Years ago I bought a signature quilt at auction (in New Mexico) and since that time I have been trying to find family members so I may return the quilt to them. I have posted messages about the quilt on all the genealogy sites…and have not received a single response. Maybe the power of facebook will help in finding them!

Those of us who are quilters know what a precious gift it would be to receive a signature quilt from our own family…that had been lost!

Some of the signatures on the quilt are:
Honon Nelson
Mrs. Carl Thompson (3-1-33)
Mother and Daddy Benson (1927)
Charline Williams
Irene Thomas
Aunt May Askins
Mrs. Claude Vance
Fred (age 3 ½ July 33)

Please share this with your relatives and friends in hopes of finding this quilt family. I would love to be able to send this quilt home! Anyone needing to contact me regarding this quilt can email me at

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