We are growing!

Lostquilt.com has seen tremendous activity in the past few months. It’s gratifying that there is so much interest and support given to people who have had the unfortunate experience of losing a quilt. When I can report that a quilt is found, we rejoice together, and the good news is shared with great gusto. All this traffic on the website is exciting, as people are coming here to find support, and we are getting results. Just this month (November 2018) two more quilts found their way home!

Lostquilt.com is operated on a volunteer basis, without any monetary compensation. As exciting as it is to be involved in this mission, the operational costs of the website are increasing due to the additional web traffic. I have been asked how one might make a donation. Today I can tell you that a donation tab has been added to this page. Your contribution will help offset the increasing operational expenses and continue to spread the message and raise awareness of the challenges associated with finding and protecting quilts.

Thank you for re-sharing our quilt stories, and for your enthusiastic financial support. It’s an exciting journey we’re on, and I’m gratified you’ve chosen to come along!

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