Home Sweet Home

Dorothy Ragland was wondering where her quilt was, so in March 2011 the missing quilt was posted on this website.

She had entered her 30″ by 30″ quilt into the Keepsake Quilting’s “Home Sweet Home” contest in 2008. It was supposed to be returned to her in October, but she never received it. They kept saying they were late, but would send it soon. In February 2009, they said they returned it the previous October but couldn’t provide a tracking number.

On October 30, 2017, her quilt was mysteriously returned by US mail with this message:

Hello, This quilt had been shipped to my home several years ago & before I could mail it to you I had lost it. While remodeling our kitchen I found it!! So before I lose it again I wanted to make sure that you get it back. Signed Many Blessings…

There is still the mystery of why it was shipped to the wrong person but Dorothy is very thankful she has it back again. Nine years is a long time to wait!

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