Pinwheel Quilt

Les Shepherd hopes someone has found his daughter’s graduation quilt which was made by her grandmother, Lesley Sproul. In was last seen in March 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The delivery person left it in a box at the front door of the home of the person who made the quilt, but it disappeared before the owners received the quilt.

This machine pieced, multicolored quilt features pinwheels in various sizes from 2″ to 10″. The background of the blocks is white on white. It was started around 2008 and was finished in 2016.

Les writes, “This quilt as enormous sentimental value to both the owner and maker. It was made as a high school graduation gift – by the owner’s 90 year old grandmother.” They are only interested in the safe return of the quilt. “No one will ever know or appreciate the amount of time and love that went into this quilt. I would offer a $1000 reward – no questions asked for its safe return.” If you find this quilt, please contact Les at

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