Ocean Waves

Jason Lennen hopes to recover his Ocean Waves quilt which was made by his mother, Sharon Allen. The quilt was last seen on November 23, 2015 in his closet in base military housing near the US Navy base in Whidbey Island, Washington. Jason left his home when he and his wife separated. In July 2016 he went to move the rest of his belongings to storage, but the quilt was nowhere to be found and his ex-wife claimed she did not know where it went or what happened to it.

The quilt was made in 2013. Some of the distinctive fabrics include a fabric with a musical notes design, bees, and cars. The quilt has a label which says, “To Jason, Ocean Waves, 2013, Sharon Allen, Love You, Mom.”

If you find a quilt that fits this description, please contact Jason at jdlennen@yahoo.comm.

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