Mom’s Bali Chai

Audrey Cloven is searching for her original quilt named Mom’s Bali Chai. This quilt was last seen on November 11, 2016 on United flight 5201 (MFR Medford, Oregon to SFO San Francisco, California). The flight attendant placed the quilt in the first class overhead bin when she boarded and she didn’t realize it was missing until she was at her connecting gate, but the airlines was unable to locate it. The quilt had been wrapped around a cardboard tube and covered with a blue pillowcase when it became missing.

This 22″ by 22″ quilt features a tree of life, a 6 strand challah, Haamsa, pomegranate, grapes, bird, flower, and shofar. All fabrics are batiks except the backing. It has a light blue batik background and rust backing. There is Hebrew lettering embroidered in purple under the challah. It has a heart-shaped label appliqu├ęd on the back which says, “Mom’s Bali Chai, Love, Audrey, 2016.”

If you find this quilt, please contact Audrey at

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