Meeting of the Geese

Sharon Coulter wants to recover her quilt, “Meeting of the Geese,” which she made for Chris Coulter. This quilt was last seen in July 2017 in Surrey, Canada. It was in a van that was stolen while her son was in the process of moving. The van was recovered but the items inside were gone, including this quilt. He lost many of his personal possessions.

This quilt is 90″ by 90″. The main colors are light and dark grey with red. The light and dark Flying Geese are heading towards each other from opposite corners with a few red ones interspersed. The backing is grey corduroy with some grey cotton with gears printed on it. This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. The label says, “Meeting of the Geese, MQG QOM Jan 2016 pattern by Sylvia Schaefer, Made & Quilted by Sharon Coulter, Victoria BC, for son, Chris.” The label is fused to the back bottom right corner.

Sharon writes, “We would very much like to recover at least his favorite quilt. There was also another quilt made from his childhood blue jeans. This one was just squares with a narrow red inner border.”

If you find either of these quilts, please contact Sharon at

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