Lynn’s quilt

Lynn Reid hopes to recover a quilt that her aunt (now passed away) made for her in the early 1970’s. During the 1980’s it was disposed of, possibly given to Goodwill. The quilt had the letters of Lynn’s name down the center panel. It also had various Holly Hobby and Auburn panels on the remaining squares. It likely had her aunt’s name in the bottom corner along with the year (KAT, Katherine Ann, 1972). The quilt was from a house in Birmingham, Alabama. Her aunt also made a similar quilt for her brother, Steve. His had Auburn football panels.

Lynn writes, “I would LOVE to be reunited with my quilt… If everyone would share this post I would be greatly appreciative or if by some miracle you have actually seen it or knows where it may live now please let me know.
I have no pictures of the quilt so I made a VERY rough similarity of it. Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.”

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