Laurel Quilt

Elizabeth Adams is searching for a raffle quilt which was originally made as fundraiser by the community ladies of Laurel, Oregon. She writes, “The Ladies of Laurel would so very much like to hang this in the Laurel Hall, because the quilt began the fundraising to publish the 111 page history book about Laurel. Thank you to anyone who can put us in touch with the current owner.” They would like to discuss the possible return of the quilt to the Oregon community.

This quilt had thirty squares. Each square is unique. Some motifs include an eagle, a church, a horse, a heart, a plow, leaves, a mountain, etc. It has a blue background joined with red and white bands and piping. It has a label that says, “Our hearts are in Laurel.”

Please contact if you have information about this quilt. Or, contact the club at

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