Kwik Spanish Tiles

Kathy McKellar hopes to recover her quilt that disappeared from the Onslow County Fair. The quilt was last seen on October 5, 2017 in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Kathy had entered it into the fair and when she went to pick it up, they could not find it.

This quilt is approximately 60″ square. It was made from a commercial pattern for a mystery quilt called “Kwik Spanish Tiles” by Karie Jewell. The photo shown here is from the pattern cover. The main colors on Kathy’s quilt are muslin, purple and many other colors. She used fabrics from the Peppered Cottons collection by Pepper Cory. (The manufacturer’s description is, “These are yarn-dyed shot cottons, meaning the weft and warp are two different colors, giving each color a unique look.”)

If you find this quilt, please contact Kathy at

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