Maria Billings is asking that people watch out for her missing quilt. On June 9, 2017, “Generosity” was last seen during the set up of the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Association) exhibition entitled “Wide Horizons,” which was held in Fuerth, Germany. More than a month later, on July 20, Maria was informed that her quilt had disappeared. A quilt by Sandy Snowdon also disappeared.

This quilt is 40″ square. It is a hand-painted whole-cloth quilt that is hand quilted. She made it in 2014. It has two labels. Both include the name of the quilt, “Generosity,” and her name. One label has her US address and the other has her address in Germany. Both labels are on the bottom back of the quilt.

Maria also wants people to know that “tips that lead to finding the quilt will be rewarded.” If you find this quilt, please contact Maria at

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