Emporia State University Quilt

Jackie Jarvis reports the loss of her daughter’s Emporia State University Quilt. It was last seen during the summer of 2015 in a storage unit around the Orlando, Florida area.

The quilt is 60″ by 60″. The main colors are black and yellow-gold. There are a couple of screen prints included on this quilt. One is their mascot, the hornet. Another says ESU. This quilt was machine pieced in 2012. It has a label that says something like, “For Lindsey, Love, Mom” and maybe something about Grandma J.

Jackie writes, “This quilt has much sentimental value as my mother in law bought it for me to make for her granddaughter, my daughter… Please return my most prized quilt if you should come across it. Thank you!” If you find this quilt, please contact Jackie at Wickedquilter@gmail.com.

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