Found: Nena’s Prayer Square Blanket

Jennifer Denbo bought this handmade blanket at the Rolla, Missouri Goodwill on March 7, 2017. At the time she thought it was just fabric squares and she was going to give it to her daughters to play with. Upon opening it, she noticed there was a note written on the back cover, along with a name embroidered into the corner. She writes, “I’m not sure if this was meant to go to Goodwill, or even if this person is in Rolla. The way it was packaged leads me to believe it may have been donated by mistake. In my heart I knew I needed to at least try to find the owner.”

This blanket is 51″ by 65″. The main colors are baby pink, yellow, purple, and ivory. It is labeled, “Mikaela / Love Nena.” The letter that was found with the quilt says:

Dearest Mikaela,
This is your “prayer square” blanket. As I sewed each square, I said a prayer for you.
I prayed that God will give you lots of love, peace, comfort and strength as you grow up.
If you need a rainbow day, one filled with the sunshine of God’s love for you; just wrap this blanket around you and know that you are wrapped in God’s love and also in my love.

Jennifer has been posting it on her local news Facebook and the police department pages. She’s emailed news organizations. She’s called Goodwill corporate. They tell her it could have been donated anywhere in Missouri. Her original post from Facebook can be seen at . The Channel 5 segment can be seen here.

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