Take the Labeling Pledge!

Quilt Alliance is on a mission to get all quilters to label their quilts. According to a survey that they cite, only 58% of quilters regularly label their quilts. They currently have a pledge form you can fill out where you can pledge to label your own quilts.

This has been an issue near and dear to my heart. In 1999 I had a quilt that went missing during shipment. Thankfully, it was fully labeled and my quilt was returned to me two months later. As a result of that experience, I started the Lost Quilt Come Home website. I have a two-fold purpose for this site. One is to give information about lost and stolen quilts. The other purpose is to give information about protecting quilts. One of the articles I have available on my website is about how to label quilts. After all these years of posting missing quilts, I would say that a very large percentage of quilts that are missing did not have a label either.

Because of my own interest in quilt making, along with the experience gained through the Lost Quilt website, in 2013 I wrote an article for Machine Quilting Magazine. That article, “Last but not Least — Label your Quilt”, is now available for free, in conjunction with Quilt Alliance’s pledge drive.

I hope you join the efforts to preserve our quilt making heritage. Along with that, I encourage you to document your quilt, too. I have a free quilt documentation form that can help you document your quilts. Please feel free to make copies of this form and distribute it to your fellow quilters as well.


Take the Labeling Pledge! — 3 Comments

  1. I’m a believer. Sadly, the Pentel Gel Roller Pen for Fabric has been discontinued by manufacturer. They are still out there, but not for long.

  2. I know! I was so disappointed when I found out it was discontinued!!! I do have quite a few in my stash still.

  3. Oh! I have said this forever! A hundred years from now someone will want to know who made that quilt and no one will know! PUT A LABEL ON IT! Remember the 5 W’s. WHO made it, WHY was it made /for who or what occasion, WHERE was it made, WHAT is the name of the quilt, if there is one, and WHEN was it made, the date. Please! Thank you!