Papago Activities Quilt

OBagyDavisCarolyn-PapagoActCarolyn O’Bagy Davis wonders if anyone has seen a quilt called Papago Activities Quilt which made by Goldie Tracy Richmond. The original quilt was made in 1957. It was last seen in 1959 at Tracy’s Trading Post in San Simon, Arizona. Goldie likely sold it to a passing tourist who visited her trading post.

Carolyn writes, “Goldie Tracy Richmond was a master quilt maker who made a series of original applique quilts depicting scenes of reservation life: the rodeo, ceremonies, plants, and the Saguaro Harvest. Some of her quilts have been located and are now in museum collections, but several others were sold and their current locations are unknown.”

“Goldie’s original applique quilts are too unique to have been used as blankets. I hope to locate and document these fabric masterpieces in Goldie’s honor. She is an Arizona treasure, and was the subject of a biography: Desert Trader: The Life and Quilts of Goldie Tracy Richmond.”

This particular quilt is full size. It is hand appliqued. Each block is an original scene of Tohono O’odham Indian life (earlier known as Papago). It is possible that this quilt has an embroidered label stitched onto the back of the quilt. Labels on three other of her quilts list the title and Goldie’s full name, as well as the place — Sells, Arizona — which is the nearest town to her trading post home. The sashing fabric features Indian heads.

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