Eleanor Bauer Quilts

Rebecca Long is searching for several missing quilts made by her mother, Eleanor Bauer, who has passed away.

Two are small, carriage-size, applique quilts. Eleanor used a red calico background for one and solids with calicos on the other. They were hand appliqued and machine pieced. She made them between 1975 and 1979 for her twins. She used a pattern found in a free baby magazine.

One was made by Bertha Huey. This one should have her son’s name, Harold Huey, somewhere on the quilt. It was stolen from him after her death. It was made in 1949 in Indiana or Illinois and was last seen in the Argo/Summit, Illinois area. Before Eleanor passed away, she wrote, “I was told that Bertha was a quilter perhaps out of necessity as they were a poor family who moved from Indiana to Illinois and had a large family late in life…I never saw any of the quilt(s) but was told about them and consider …them a legacy…as a tie to my maternal grandmother who died before I was born.”

The quilts were last seen in Bolingbrook or Cicero, Illinois. It is possible they were sent to a thirft store when she moved.

Please contact Rebecca at clong12@tampabay.rr.com if you’ve seen any quilts that might fit this description.

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