Wedding Canopy

Wedding Canopy by Phyllis Cullen

Wedding Canopy by Phyllis Cullen

August 12, 2003 was the last time Phyllis Cullen saw the quilted Wedding Canopy she made for Sky and Ginger Cullen. She used a shipping company in Chico, California to send her quilt to a show and it got lost on the way.

This quilt is an original design. It has a Mariner’s Compass in the center with brightly colored, appliqued, fancy birds around it. The quilt is about 70″ by 60″. It is mainly purples, blues, and greens with bright colored appliques in jewel colors. It is hand appliqued, machine pieced and machine quilted. Phyllis made the quilt in 2002. It does have a label which includes her name and Sky and Ginger’s names.

If you can help Phyllis please contact her at

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