Polka Dot Wedding Rings Quilt

Cammie MeansLivingston and Sharon Means are searching for a Polka Dot Wedding Rings quilt made by Mozelle Means (Cammie’s paternal grandmother). The full size quilt, made in 1967, was a scrap quilt using all colors. Two distinctive fabrics used are a blue fabric with white polka dots and a red polka dot fabric.

The quilt was last seen in 1973 on a bus leaving a school camping trip. Apparently the quilt was put on the wrong bus. Instead of going to Stanford Elementary School in Oildale (Bakersfield), California, it was put on the bus going to Wingland Elementary in Oildale.

Cammie writes, “I know this is a long-shot, but I would LOVE to have this quilt back.” If you’ve seen a quilt that matches this description, please contact Cammie at ericami@juno.com.

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