Appliqued cats quilt

Have you seen an appliqued cat quilt? Lynne Ferraccio is searching for her daughter’s quilt. It was commissioned for Lynne’s daughter by her grandmother sometime around 1994, and it was made by June Ison. The custom-made, twin-size quilt had purple and lavender cat silhouettes hand appliqued onto white squares, and the sashing was purple, too. It is machine quilted. The quilt was last seen in around 2002 in Adrian, Missouri. It was lost from the family farmhouse.

If you find this quilt, please contact Lynn at

Amelie’s Quilt

Amelie's Quilt by Peggy MarcusPeggy Marcus hopes someone can help her locate baby Amelie’s quilt. It was last seen on January 14, 2014 in Bolton, Massachussetts when she shipped it. Unfortunately, it was never delivered to her niece.

This square quilt is about 54″ by 54″. The colors used are pastel yellow, green, and blue, with some touches of royal blue. She used a paisley focus fabric with those colors. The back is made of lime green and white striped minky fabric (similar to a very soft fleece). The front center design is blocks of paisley and yellow floral fabric with lime green sashing between each. There is a live of fabric stripes and then three borders: yellow, blue meadow fabric, and a binding of green fabric. This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. There is a hand embroidered label on the back which says “To Amelie” and “Love, Great Aunt Peggy.”

If you find this quilt, please contact Peggy at

Bali Quilt

Bali Quilt by Margaret FabrizioMargaret Fabrizio is asking for help locating this missing quilt. Margaret made the quilt for Dr. Carlos Greaves. The quilt was last seen on April 1, 2014 in the doctor’s office on Welch Road in Palo Alto, California. It was taken from the wall in the foyer where it was hung.

This multicolor quilt is 62″ by 77″. She used antique Balinese prints. The quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted in 2008. It has an embroidered label on the back with Margaret’s name and the year it was made.

A police report has been filed. A reward is being offered for this quilt’s return, no questions asked. If you find this quilt, please contact Margaret at

You can see a YouTube message about this quilt at:

60th Anniversary Quilt

GentnerBarbara-60thAnniversBarbara Gentner wonders if anyone has seen a 60th anniversary quilt that she made her in-laws, Ida and Lester Gentner. The quilt was last seen during December 2011 in West Palm Beach, Florida when it was inadvertently picked up by AmVets. When they were removing other donated items from the bed, they took the quilt, too.

This quilt is 57″ by 75″. The main colors are peach and lavender, including some Robin Pandolf fabrics by Moda. There is a machine embroidered label on the back which says, “To Ida and Lester Gentner on the occasion of their 60 th wedding anniversary 1945-2005.”

If you find this quilt, please contact Barbara at

A second domain name

First December in Ohio by Maria Elkins

The original lost quilt: “First December in Ohio” by Maria Elkins

I’m happy to announce that I’ve registered an additional domain name. Now people can get to this website through either or (with an “s” on the end).

Registering the second domain name is something that I’ve thought of off and on through the years. When I originally started this website, it was for my own quilt, “First December in Ohio,” that went missing during a shipment, so it made sense to register “” (as in only one quilt). Of course, through the years, more than a thousand quilts have been added to this site, so it is natural that people would think the website should be (the plural form), but if someone typed that in their browser, it went no where.

Recently, I was reminded of this by Velma B. She emailed me suggesting that I consider registering the plural form. When I began investigating the possibility, it appeared that the domain name was not available. However, I’m happy to say that not many days later I found out that it was available, so I promptly registered it for ten years. I happy to say that now, if someone types into their browser, it will immediately redirect them to this site. Hopefully, people will find that useful in the future. The more people who find the site, the better chance some of these quilts will be found!

Thank you, Velma!


SerraoTamara-GardenPathTamara Serrao is asking for help locating her quilt called “Parterre.” It was last seen in February 2014 in Belgium. It was shipped to New York. She has been told it arrived in New York, but it was never delivered.

All fabrics from her “Helen’s Garden” fabric collection with Michael Miller Fabrics. Quilt was shown in her booth at the Fall 2013 International Quilt Market. This 59″ by 84″ quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.

If you find this quilt, please contact Tamara at

Storiekwilt vir Rubis

SmitWilma-StoryQuiltRubisWilma Smit is searching for an original quilt. It was last seen in March 2014 at the Cape Town Airport, South Africa. It was stolen from some hand luggage.

This quilt is 51″ (130 cm) square. It features a variety of novelty fabrics including an owl, a large angel, a hand embroidered block, musical instruments, a large key, and different animals. It is machine pieced, machine appliqued, and machine quilted. The quilt has a label that is machine embroidered and machine stitched. The label is in the form of a book with a personal message to Rubis. It reads, “Storieboek kwilt deur Wilma Smit Feb 2014. gemaak in die Kleinkaroo vir Rubis omdat jy sooo baie van stories hou.”

If you find this quilt, please contact Wilma at

Zoo Animals

HallBelva-ZooAnimalsBelva Hall wonders if anyone has found the Zoo Animals quilt that she made for her grandson for Christmas. It was last seen in February 2013. his family was in transit to Fort Drum, New York. The quilt was accidentally left in a hotel room in South Carolina. When they went back for it, housekeeping had already cleaned the room and the quilt was gone.

This quilt is larger than twin size. It is browns and tans with a multicolor wedding ring pattern. The backing is a leopard print. It is machine quilted.

If you find this quilt, please contact Belva at

Sigerson Family Quilts

Emily Sigerson is searching for eight missing quilts. She experienced smoke damage in her home during February 2014. The quilts were last seen on February 18, 2014 in Center Moriches, New York when they were placed in a plastic bag, taken from the house, and put in a van headed to be cleaned at a wash and fold laundromat in Riverhead, New York along with the rest of their belongings.

These quilts were all made by her mother for special occassions such as Emily’s wedding and the births of her four children. They all have a label on the backing naming the quilt, the date made, and “Made by Debra O’Brien Falco, Shirley, NY.”

Emily’s Log Cabin is twin size and was made in 2002.
JS Express is crib size and was made in 2013.
Dream Weaver is 60″ by 80″ and was made in 2011.
Baby Bear’s Busy Day is crib size and was made in 2010.
Teddy Bear Picnic is a crib quilt made in 2009.
Tiny Timily’s Bedtime Buddies is a crib quilt made in 2007.
Timily’s Wedding Rings is a queen size quilt made in 2007.
Unsanctioned Roses is queen size and was made in 2008.

If you find any of these quilts, please contact Emily at

Recovered! Emily’s Quilt

WilcoxMark-EmilysQuiltMark Wilcox would like to recover a quilt that he made for Emily. This quilt was last seen on December 19, 2013 in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania. It was mis-delivered, and was taken to a shipping location to be returned to Mark in Iowa, but it never arrived. Apparently the location where it was dropped off no longer handled package shipments.

Good news came at the end of February 2014. After repeated phone calls, the quilt was been found and returned safely! Mark writes, “I’m fairly certain that someone at the shipping location was going to steal it but my phone calls resulted it in it’s safe return.”

This quilt is 41″ by 51″. The main colors are a variety of pinks. The final quilt has a black border. It has a label that says, “Made Especially For you by Mark Wilcox.” The label is machine sewn to the lower left corner on the back.