Tula Pink Modern City Blocks


Can you help Karlee Sandell recover her quilt? It was last seen on September 26, 2015, in the Portland Expo Center parking lot at the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland, Oregon.

This quilt is about 86″ square. The quilt has a grey/beige background with a variety of red, green, and blue blocks. Most of the fabrics are from Denyse Schmidt’s Florence line. It quilt, made in 2014, is machine pieced and machine quilted. The quilt had a sign safety pinned to it that has her name and her business name, SewInspired2Day.

SandellKarlee-TulaPink3Karlee writes, “This quilt means the world to me!!…I hope that someone at the quilt show would pick a quilt up laying in the parking lot and return it.” If you find this quilt, please contact Karlee at karleesandell@msn.com.

Recovered! Monster Quilt

CappsCarolyn-MonsterQuiltCarolyn Capps hopes to recover this quilt. It was last seen at the Corry Learning Center in Romulus, Michigan during September 2015. It was taken to the preschool to be used during nap time when it came up missing.

The day after this quilt was posted on this website, it was recovered! The school was able to review the security tapes to find out who took it. Another happy ending!

Found: Friendly neighbors signature quilt

VincentLisa-GreenSignatureQuiltLisa Vincent of Hernando, Mississippi found this signature quilt in a chest that they bought at a sale. She is hoping to reunite it with its owners.

This quilt is full or queen size. The multi-color quilt has mint green sashing and the signature blocks are white. The signatures are all women’s names and one block says “Friendly Neighbors, 1979.” It has a green and white prairie point border.

If you have any information about who this quilt may belong to, please contact Lisa at Wavltv@aol.com.

Updated Quiltmaker’s Documentation form

qd2015As you may know, every time I speak or teach at a quilt guild, I always encourage people to take the time to document their quilts. Because of this, I have developed a Quiltmaker’s Documentation form that I distribute freely.

The form helps you remember all the little details about your quilt, all the information that you will want to pass on down to your children when they inherit your quilts, or that you can give to a buyer. Thanks to the suggestion of a long arm quilter (thanks, Dawn), I have updated the Quiltmaker’s Documentation form so there is now a space to document the name of your professional quilter.

So, download the form and please feel free to pass it on to anyone else who you think will be interested, such as everyone in your quilt guild. And then get busy and document your quilts!

Box of missing quilt tops

Kirstin is hoping to recover a box of missing quilt tops. In June 2011 they were moving from Littleton, Colorado, and everything was stored in a POD. When she unpacked, she realized the movers had not added her box of quilt tops. She is missing at least five tops that were placed in a plastic box. Each quilt top had directions pinned to it on what was needed for finishing them.

  • One of the quilts was made using Day of the Dead fabrics in bright neon colors.
  • Another quilt consisted of Grateful Dead dancing bears on a black background.
  • There is a smaller quilt top made with vintage pink and gray pinwheels.
  • There was a full-size top made with the columbine pattern in blue fabrics.
  • The fifth top was a string-pieced scrap quilt with black center pieces.

All of the quilt tops were machine pieced between 1996 and 2011. If you find have any information on these quilt tops, please contact Kirstin at kirstinjuul@gmail.com.

Heart rag quilt

TuzinskiSandy-HeartsSandy Tuzinski shipped this quilt to her nephew for his wedding. The quilt was shipped on July 16, 2015 from Bloomington, Minnesota to Independence, Oregon. It was shipped in a plain, brown, rectangular box with signature confirmation, but it was never delivered. Her nephew and his bride have now moved to Colorado, but they never received their quilt, nor was it forwarded to them.

This twin-size quilt is made with raw-edge, frayed appliqué. The main colors are reds, creams, and pinks. Some of the fabrics have musical notes or bunnies with musical instruments.

The quilt has a label which says,

Wishing you
A house full of sunshine,
Two hearts full of cheer,
Love that grows deeper,
Each day of the year.
From an old Welsh Blessing
A Wedding Keepsake for
Nick and Rachael
Made by:
Auntie Sue and Auntie Sandy

The label was hand written on a piece of fabric and hand appliquéd to a back corner.

If you see this quilt, please contact Sandy at pstuz@prodigy.net.

Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam

LupinacciDenise-SunbonnetSueOverallSamDenise Lupinacci is looking for her Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam quilt. It was last seen in San Diego, California in 2005 when it was placed in storage, but now it is missing.

This 60″ by 72″ quilt was made in 2002. It is hand appliquéd, machine pieced, and machine quilted. The main colors are white, pink, and blue. It is not labeled.

If you find this quilt, please contact Denise at deniselu@optonline.net.

Three missing quilts

SteeleTerry-LikeTheWindTerry Steele reports the loss of three of her quilts. They were last seen during February 2013 when she loaned them to Eagle Point High School (Eagle Point, Oregon) for display. The lady in charge thinks her husband thought the bag containing the three quilts was garbage and may have accidentally been thrown away.

One of the missing quilts is called Like the Wind. This 60″ by 60″ quilt is a paper pieced. It is mostly turquoise batiks. It is labeled with Terry’s name, the date, and the name of the quilt. The label is embroidered and sewn on a lower back corner.

SteeleTerry-ChristmasTreeA second missing quilt is a paper-pieced Christmas Tree quilt. This red, green, cream, and brown quilt is 40″ by 60″. It is also labeled on the back with Terry’s name and the year, 2012.

SteeleTerry-ConvergentThe third missing quilt is named Convergent. This pink and purple quilt is 40″ by 42″. This batik quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. There is an embroidered red dragonfly on the upper right corner. It also has a label with Terry’s name and the quilt’s name.

If you find any of these quilts, please contact Terry at terrindavid@charter.net.


DossmanKatherine-HaikuKatherine Dossman is hoping that her quilt, Haiku, will be found. It was last seen on August 7, 2015 when she shipped it from Belton, Texas. It was lost during transit to Madison, Wisconsin. For some reason, during the shipment there was a three-day hold in Dallas. Somehow, the quilt was separated from its box and a letter was placed inside saying the box had come open. Instead of the quilt, six skeins of variegated yarn which do not belong to her were placed inside the box.

This original quilt is 33″ by 33″. It is a graveyard scene with a moon, a creepy/whimsical tree, three tombstones with a haiku on each one. There is a hand-stitched, appliquéd crow sitting on the main tombstone. Katherine also used embroidery, Shiva paintstiks, and computer printed fabric for the tombstones. The quilt is labeled on the back with Katherine’s name, address, phone, email, and the title of the quilt.

If you find this quilt, please contact Katherine at Sonokat@aol.com.

Welcome to the World

BarrettCait-ElijahsQuiltCait Barrett is asking for help locating Elijah’s “Welcome to the World” quilt. It was last seen during February 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. It became missing when they were traveling home after visiting with friends. It may have fallen out while getting in and out of the car.

This cot-size quilt is made with bright primary batiks. It was machine pieced and machine quilted in 2013. Each calico block has a hand-stitched picture on it. This quilt has a label which says:

Welcome to the World
Welcome to the World
Elijah Benjamin Barrett Yee
A grandchild fills a space in your heart you never knew was empty
(author unknown)
Made by G’ma Cait xxx
Adelaide – AUSTRALIA

The label was written on the back, approximately in the middle of the quilt.

Cait writes, “My daughter was devestated when this quilt was lost. A reward is offered for its safe return.” If you have seen this quilt, please contact Cait at cait.thermomix@gmail.com.