Zuri’s Quilt

Arletta-OvernightWalkArletta is searching for Zuri’s Quilt. The quilt was last seen in 2008 in Denton, Texas. It may possibly have been sold from a storage unit auction.

This is a quilt that features baby and teen photos of her daughter, made by Grandma in 2001. The main colors are browns and natural tones. It does not have a label.

Arletta writes that her daughter passed away and she would really like to have her quilt. If you have seen this quilt, please contact Arletta at gilberau@hotmail.com.

Recovered! Wedding Star Quilt

Wedding Quilt by Ashley UmbargerBrian and Ashley Umbarger were searching for this wedding star quilt. It was last seen During August 2014 in Omaha, Nebraska. They were not sure how the quilt became missing. They thought it may have been accidentally dropped off at their local Goodwill store.

In March 2015 they got good news! Their wedding quilt was found. Brian writes, “We have not clue how it happened but it got mixed up with a family members belongings.” So it has now been safely returned to them.

The quilt was made for their 2014 wedding. It is an oversized king size quilt. It is multicolor with a black background. The label features their wedding picture, the date of their wedding, and a personal message.

Recovered! Dead Palm Fronds

RossElaine-DeadPalmFrondGreat news! This missing quilt has been found and is now safely home with Elaine Ross. Everyone is relieved the mystery was solved.

On March 1, 2015, this quilt came up missing after the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show in Virginia. The box it was shipped in was returned to Elaine along with all the packing materials, but the quilt was not in the box.

This quilt is 22″ by 30″. It is designed from her own photo which she manipulated and had printed onto fabric. The quilt shows large brown dead palm fronds hanging from a tree and Spanish moss in the bottom of the photo. It is heavily quilted and there is beading in the bottom corner to replicate the Spanish moss.

Precious Moments quilt

Kimberly Hardaway hopes to recover a hand-painted Precious Moments quilt that was made by her mother and grandmother. The quilt was last seen in June 2006 in Oklahoma City. It blew out of the back of a truck while moving.

This quilt is about twin size. Precious Moments designs are painted on white blocks and there are pastel blocks in between.

If you find a quilt that fits this description, please contact Kimberly at Kimberly_hardaway@yahoo.com.

Animal Circus Train

Susan Whitmoyer is asking for help in recovering a crib size quilt. The quilt was made by Margaret (Peg) Wunderlich (Susan’s mother) and quilted by Sara Keller (Susan’s grandmother). There was a picture with the quilt with a note stating the information about the quilt. The makers’ names may have been on the picture or the note.

The main colors are white, yellow, and light green. It features an animal circus train. One of the train cars has a giraffe. This quilt is hand embroidered, hand appliquéd and hand quilted. In was made sometime during the 1970’s. It does not have a label.

This quilt was last seen in 2002. Susan was shipping it from Pennsylvania to Colorado for her granddaughter. If you have seen a quilt that matches this description, please contact Susan at mytoylady@verizon.net.

Ray’s ties quilt

Vicke Messinger is searching for a quilt that was last seen in her father’s house in Caseville, Michigan. When they were clearing out the house, they could not find the quilt. She is offering a reward for the safe return of this quilt. It was last seen in 1993.

The full/double size quilt was made by Mary Covey in 1985. It is made from old ties from 1930’s and 1940’s. The main colors are gold, brown, blue, and red. The backing is red satin. This quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.

If you find this quilt, please contact Vickie at vickiem@greatlakes.net.

Blue and white chevron quilt

Roberta Kelly shipped a blue and white chevron quilt to her niece in California, but it never arrived. The shipper sent the mailing label back to her, telling her it had fallen off. It was obvious that it had been cut off. Roberta last saw the quilt on December 19, 2014 in China Village, Maine.

Roberta made this queen size quilt following Jenny Doan’s instructions. Jenny Doan’s version of this quilt is on the cover of the Fons and Porter Quilting Quickly by Jenny Doan. Roberta used the fabrics from the Harmony line by Bernatex. The quilt was made in 2014, but it is not labeled.

If you find this quilt, please contact Roberta at irish112@roadrunner.com.

Mariner’s Compass

PalmerJo-MarinersCompassJo Palmer is searching for a Mariner’s Compass quilt. Ian said his grandmother borrowed the quilt in the summer of 2009 to put it in a quilt contest. The contest was at First Southern Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. She became ill and didn’t get it picked up. She died in November 2010. Jo didn’t realize it was missing until Ian asked if she found it in her house when she was taking care of her affairs.

The full size quilt was made by Ian Edwards and Charlene Brown. The main colors are grey/black. The compass is burgundy, light yellow, and blue. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. It was made around 1988 or 1989. There is a label on the back that is a small version of the compass. The label says, “To Ian Edwards from Grandmother Brown” and it has a Bible verse. The label was had appliquéd to the quilt in a lower corner.

If you find this quilt, please contact Jo at jopalmer6@gmail.com.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Quilt

McFarlingTeresa-ScottPilgrimVsTheWorldTheresa McFarling hopes someone has found the quilt she made for her son. It was last seen during the Spring of 2013 in his apartment, the Warren Terrace Apartments, in West Des Moines, Iowa. He had a roommate who had his girlfriend and some friends over.

Theresa made the quilt for her son while he was in Army Basic Training for the Iowa National Guard. She used his favorite movie as inspiration. The quilt is 72″ by 90″. She used a quilt as you go method to machine piece and machine quilt it.

If you find this quilt, please contact Theresa at davelmc@hotmail.com.

Sunbonnet Ladies

SnellBrenda-SunbonnetLadiesBrenda Snell is hoping to recover a Sunbonnet Ladies quilt that was made by her Grandma Davis. It was accidentally left behind in a camper when the camper was sold in Florida. The photo is of a matching quilt. The missing quilt is similar but some of the fabrics might be different. The missing quilt belongs to Brenda’s second cousin, Marcy Hayden. The two quilts were made by relatives.

The missing quilt is twin size with pink sashing. Each sunbonnet lady has lace “pantaloons” and a watering can with embroidery trim. The quilt was made around 1957 and it does not have a label.

Brenda writes, “I know this is a very long shot, but it would be fun if I could locate her quilt. I would be sick if I’d lost mine.” If you have seen a similar quilt, please contact Brenda at bksnell@hotmail.com.