White with purple twin quilt

Cristina would like to recover a twin size quilt that is mainly white with purple accents. The quilt was made for her by her granddaughter. She had it in her car when the car was stolen, along with the quilt. Her name, Zinnia, is quilted on the black border. The pattern is by Heidi Kaisand. The blocks are rectangular with the half square triangles in the corners.

If you find this quilt, please contact Cristina at great_barrier_cairns@yahoo.com.

UGA quilt

BellVicki-UGAVicki Bell is searching for her University of Georgia Bulldogs quilt. It was last seen during September 2012 at the North Georgia State Fair in Marietta, Georgia. It was displayed on a table in a pavilion at the fair. It had won a blue ribbon, and the ribbon was attached to it. When Vicki went to the fair on the last day, the quilt was missing, and a fair official realized it had been stolen.

This quilt is approximately 52″ by 70″. The main colors are red, black, and white. The backing has a design for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. The front is a modified Irish Chain design.

It is possible that a UGA fan may have stolen the quilt and could possibly have displayed it at football games. Vicki is offering a $50 reward for the safe return of this quilt with no questions asked. If you have seen this quilt, please contact Vicki at vickib723@yahoo.com.

Missing Sampler Quilt

Lee Brinkley is looking for a missing sampler quilt made by her mother, Peggy Stocks. It was last seen during December 2006 in Leland, North Carolina. The quilt was packed for moving. It is possible the the moving company mistakenly along with other moving quilts that they had in their possession.

This sampler quilt fits a full size bed. It is made of traditional blocks. It was made as a wedding present for Lee and her husband. Some of the fabrics are cotton while some are a poly/cotton blend. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. Lee does not know if it is labeled.

Lee writes, “I hope someone has seen this quilt. The quality is not top notch but it was the first quilt that my Mother ever made. She has since made exception quilts and still teaches hand quilting at the age of 84!!!! I really do not believe I will ever find the quilt!! Please help!”

If you find this quilt, please contact Lee at leebeequilting@gmail.com.

Mikayla’s baby quilt

ProvenzanoLaurraine-MikaylasBabyQuilt2Laurraine Provenzano is hoping to recover the baby quilt she made for her granddaughter, Mikayla Lynn Bunting. This quilt was last seen around 1999 in a storage unit in Spokane, Washington. It was put in a rented storage unit with other household items and it was never claimed.

ProvenzanoLaurraine-MikaylasBabyQuiltThis crib size quilt was made in 1996. The main colors are yellow, seafoam green, and white. It is hand quilted. It has a label hand appliquéd to a lower back corner which has Mikayla’s name, her birthdate, and either Laurraine Day, or Rupp or Davidson.

If you find this quilt, please contact Laurraine at dayquilter24@yahoo.com.

Joe’s blocks baby quilt

Donna Rae would like to recover a lost baby quilt. The quilt was last seen on March 26, 2016 as Donna was leaving her Brooklyn, New York apartment. She got on the B41 bus with four bags and apparently got off with only three. The quilt was in a orange-ish Trader Joe’s reusable bag.

This quilt is 50″ by 55″. It is multicolor with a red border. It is a traditional tumbling block pattern with five blocks across and seven blocks down. Many of the fabrics are brightly colored juvenile prints. There is an inner border of light blue with pinprick multi-color dots. The red outer border is different prints of the same red. The binding is red and black check and is partially sewn on. This quilt was made in 2015/2016.

If you find this quilt, please contact Donna at Donnarae11230@yahoo.com.

Birds in the Air and Drunkard’s Path Quilts

McKayNancy-SlatersQuiltNancy McKay is hoping that she can recover two missing quilts.

The Birds in the Air quilt was made by Nancy for a graduation gift to her son. The multicolor quilt is double bed size. It was made around 1998. It is labeled with Nancy’s name written in hand embroidery on the back. This quilt was last seen in June 1998 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

McKayNancy-DrunkardsPathThe Drunkard’s Path quilt is double bed size. The main colors are yellow and green along with multicolor prints. There is a small piece of a waffle-like fabric from a baby quilt that is included in this quilt. This quilt was made around 1994. It is also labeled with Nancy’s name in hand embroidery. This quilt was last seen in the early 2000’s, possibly in Roanoke, Virginia or Akron, Ohio.

If you find either of these quilts, please contact Nancy at nmckay215@cox.net.

Robotics T-Shirt Quilt

ChristiansenLynne-FirstRoboticsTShirtQuiltLynne Christiansen is hoping someone has found the missing Robotics T-Shirt Quilt that she made for Sarah Sawatzki. The quilt was last seen during January 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was mailed to Sarah’s apartment complex where it was stolen from in front of the internal apartment door. The empty box and other contents were found in the recycle bin.

This quilt is 100″ by 100″. It was made in 2014. The main colors are black, orange, and blue. It features robotics t-shirts. It has a label on the back that says “For Sarah, love Mom, 2014.”

If you find this quilt, please contact Lynne at Christiansenl@bellarmineprep.org.

About Trout

StevesonAngie-LunchBoxTroutAnn Hudson is asking for help recovering two quilts that were stolen from of BERNINA Sewing Etc. in Ridgeland, Mississippi. The quilts were last seen on March 16, 2016 when they were on display in the store. A police report has been filed.

The top quilt was made by Angie Steveson, owner of Lunch Box Quilts. This quilt is Angie’s original design. It is 30″ by 50″. The main colors are brown, black, blue, and green. Fishing flies stitched to the borders of this quilt are dimensional. This quilt is machine appliquéd and machine quilted. It is labeled, “About Trout – Lunch Box Quilts.”

FelderSherry-TroutThe second quilt was made by Sherry Felder. It is made from the trout pattern by Lunch Box Quilts. It is also 30″ x 50″. The main colors are browns, black, gold, and teal. The area behind the fish was machine quilted with variegated teal thread. It has a label on the back that says,

An old fisherman
lives here
with the catch
of his life!

To my #1
Fisherman Burt
Made with love by Sherry
February 14, 2016

If you have any information that could lead to the return of these
quilts, please call Ann at 601-991-2120 or email her at ann@berninasewingetc.com.

Kerrville t-shirt quilt

NashBill-KerrvilleTshirtQuiltBill Nash is searching for this Kerrville T-Shirt Quilt made by his 87 year-old grandmother. The quilt was last seen on May 22, 2013, in a parking lot at 13695 Goldmark Drive in Dallas, Texas. He thinks the quilt was accidentally left on the roof of his van when he pulled out for a 300 mile trip to the Kerrville Folk Festival.

This queen-size quilt is made of squares cut from Kerrville Folk Festival t-shirts with a couple of other panels thrown in. The main colors are light blues and greens. It was hand pieced, hand appliqued, and hand quilted in 2002. There is also some hand embroidery.

Bill writes, “If anyone ever found this quilt, there would be a sizable reward offered.” If you find this quilt, please contact Bill at bill@putsiecat.com.

Here is a song he wrote about losing his quilt.

Graduation Quilt

Jerry-GradQuiltJerry is looking for a College Graduation quilt that was made by his mother. It was last seen in Indianapolis, Indiana on January 24, 2016. It was stolen out of the back of a moving truck that was parked at a Holiday Inn Express on the south side of Indianapolis. It was being used to wrap a TV that was stolen.

This quilt fits a queen size bed. It is made from college basketball T-shirts from Wayne State and Western State. It is hand pieced and hand quilted.

This quilt was given to his son as a graduation gift and it has high sentimental value since it was made from many t-shirts that are not replaceable. If you find this quilt, please contact Jerry at jneely@casemi.com.