Flower Pop Swoon Quilt Stolen in Little Rock, AR

This 80″x80″ quilt was sadly stolen from its owner’s house shortly after they passed away, along with many other family heirlooms and valuables. It may or may not have been included in the police report on the incident. The quilt was last seen in May of 2017. 

Flower Pop Swoon

This quilt was made from a commercial pattern, and consists of nine flower shapes in various bright colors on a teal background. See the attached image for more details.

Of course, it is very important that it is returned to the family. If you have any information about the quilt’s location, please contact Karen Linton at karen@lintonville.com.

Lost T-shirt Quilt in Baton Rouge, LA

This quilt, handmade by Tatum’s parents in 2014, consists of several childhood sports t-shirts and has an embroidered message on the back. Tatum reports that it went missing from her apartment and believes it may have been stolen. See the attached image for more identifying characteristics of the quilt.

If you have any information about this quilt or its whereabouts, please contact tneubert44@yahoo.com

Quilt Lost in Grand Rapids, OH

The quilt in question is a twin-king size quilt made with white fabric and blue embroidery, in a “circular, almost flowery pattern.” The owner of the quilt says she may have mistakenly given it away. It was worked on by multiple generations of women in her family from 1960-1986. Unfortunately, it has mysteriously gone missing sometime since it was last seen sometime between 2014 and 2016.

The quilt is unlabeled, but it may have a small piece of paper and a dog figurine sewn into the quilt chronicling who worked on it. 

If you have information about this quilt or its whereabouts, please contact Staci Treece at sjtreece@gmail.com.

Lost: Drunkard’s Path Quilt

Karen is looking for a Queen-size Levi Drunkard Path Quilt that she made in 2004 for her son.The quilt was made from dark and light blue denim levi’s.
The backing is a high quality bed sheet – a beautiful Moroccan
design. Karen machine pieced and machine quilted it. The quilt has a label which reads: Made with Love by MOM sewn on near the binding on the back at the bottom.

If you know anything about this quilt, please contact Karen at: karenklem@icloud.com

Hawaiian Dreams Quilt Lost in New Jersey

Mary is asking for help in locating her 40” by 50” Hawaiian Dreams quilt. This bright quilt is made from fabrics purchased when Mary’s sister traveled to Hawaii in 2000.

The fabrics are Hawaiian prints of bright green, light blue, yellow with white flowers, and red with turtles and fish.  The quilt also has black accents,and a red backing that draped around to the front. Mary machine pieced the quilt and has nearly completed hand quilting it. The binding was not done.

On July 24,2019 Mary was driving on Asbury Anderson Road, in Warren County New Jersey when the hatch of her car opened and the quilt fell out.  She reported it to the police on July 27 2019 and posters put up around the area

Mary said, “This is very precious to me as my sister brought home fabrics from Hawaii it took me a couple of years to figure out what to do with them. A local quilt guild was making a mystery quilt and that’s how I got
started. I did not know how to machine quilt so I decided to hand quilt.

My quilt was almost finished. I had 12 inches to finish the design and put on the binding so no label was on it. This was the very first quilt I had ever hand quilted.” 
If you have any information about this quilt please contact mary at marysuk@gmail.com

Quilt Found near Ames, Iowa

Sara is looking for the owner of a full size quilt that was found on the side of a road on August 8, 2019. Sara suggested that perhaps the quilt fell out of a vehicle of a student moving into Iowa State University.

Quilt found along a road in the Ames, Iowa (Iowa State University) area.

This full size quilt is made of blocks of a variety of fabrics with sashing between the blocks. If you know anything about the quilt please contact Lost Quilt come home via email: info@lostquilt.com

Found in Tennessee: Bible Character Quilt

This yellow and white full-size quilt, made by a Grandma Martin, was found by Miriam Dixon in an Hixson, Tenessee thrift store. Additional features of the quilt include machine quilting and several embroidered Bible figures.
This quilt is labeled in the bottom right-hand corner with the following two labels: “Made With Tender Loving Care by Grandma””Quilted by Grandma Martin”

The original quilter’s first name has been redacted from this post, at the request of the quilt’s current owner. If you can identify the first name of Grandma Martin, please contact Miriam Dixon at miriam.pell.dixon@gmail.com.

Stolen: Kaleidoscope Quilt

McKenna is asking for help in locating this kaleidoscope quilt that she made for her sister. The quilt measures 60″ by 90″ and features batiks of oranges and blues, with a distinctive purple-swirls background fabric to create the kaleidoscope images. On the back, while not a label per se, there is inked the signature, McKenna Linn.

McKenna reports that her sister’s home in Royersford, PA was broken into on July 13, 2019. The kaleidoscope quilt along with several other things were stolen. A police report has been filed. If you have any information about this quilt, please contact McKenna at mckenna@mckennalinn.com

Estate Quilt Recovered!

Ann Rutherford-Berthiaume is hoping to recover some quilts that were sold against her wishes at an auction at 211 University Ave., Waxahachie, TX on July 30, 2005. The auctioneer was Larry Schaefer.

These quilts were her grandmother’s, her great-grandmother’s, and possible her great-great-grandmother’s. There were 20-21 sold at the auction. She had asked for photos of all the quilts but only received about one-fifth of them. She was able to purchase the ones she knew about, but was never told about the twenty or more others. She basically has one generation and is missing the other two generations.

UPDATE: July 2, 2019: fast forward nearly 14 years! Ann has heard from someone in Texas who has found the Cathedral Windows quilt, and knows who has others of the quilts she has sought.  Ann was pleased to receive pictures of the quilt, and know that this quilter is taking care to repair the quilt, after years of wear and tear.  Ann still wonders what has happened to the crazy quilt that her grandmother always pulled out to use when Ann visited.  

Patterns of the auctioned quilts are a crazy quilt made of silks with embroidery which is believed to be made by her great-grandmother, a log cabin quilt, bowtie, nine patch, etc. See photo of the auction quilts below. The crazy quilt was sold to a lady from Midlothian, TX. Obviously she will not be able to buy back all the quilts but would like the buyers to contact her.

She is also looking for some quilts that were taken from her grandmother’s residence in the late 1980’s when her grandmother was ill. The family realized these were missing when the estate was being settled. There was a double wedding ring, a grandmother’s flower garden, and a cathedral window. The double wedding ring had never been used and was made of cottons, hand-pieced and hand-quilted. It is believed it was made in the late 1930’s or 1940’s.

If you have any information about these quilts, please contact Ann at johnbull6969@yahoo.com.

Recovered! Wedding Quilt

I received a report of a quilt found in packing materials that were used to protect a mirror in transit. The woman reported that the moving company couldn’t help with finding the quilt owner, as they had no record of this family name that was written in the quilt’s label.

The names on the quilt are Michael and Sarah, far too common to easily connect the quilt to the owners. But thanks to a wise quilter who clearly labeled the quilt and a clever Lost Quilt reader, she was able to put the pieces together and find Michael and Sarah Kitchen in Vermont, and soon they will have their wedding quilt back home.

Thank you to all those who read, ponder, and offer insight from your perspective that helps us to see things in a new light. The caring and compassion of so many people are what contributes to happy endings like this!