T-Shirt Quilt Cafe

reinhardtkendall-tshirtquiltcaffeKendall Reinhardt hopes to recover two missing T-shirt quilts. They were shipped to her home in Newell, California from Florida. The shipping company said they were delivered to her porch at 3:15 on December 23, 2015 but when she got home around 4:30, there was no package.

These t-shirt quilts were made from her ex-husband’s shirts after he passed away. They were to be Christmas gifts for her two children. The quilts are about 60″ square. One has a black backing and the other has a blue backing. The t-shirts are from Mammoth, Reno, Hawaii, along with Harley Davidson, Motocross cycles, and Jack Daniels. These quilts are hand quilted. They are embroidered at the bottom, “My t-shirts and love to keep u warm 4ever, love dad.”

The story of these missing t-shirt quilts aired on Channel 11 Fox News and Channel 4 NBC news. You can see it here:

reinhardtkendall-tshirtquiltcafe2If you can help with the recovery of these precious quilts, please contact Kendall at Kendal.s@outlook.com.

Standing Strong

palmerrobin-standingstrongRobin Palmer hopes to recover the Standing Strong quilt that she made for Mike and Pam Armentrout. This quilt was last seen on May 30, 2016. It was sent to Robin’s brother’s home in Ohio, but she accidentally put the wrong house number on the box. The postman said he delivered the box, but the neighbors say they did not find a box on their porch.

This quilt was made from the Standing Strong kit from Shabby Fabrics. The main colors are red, ecru, and blue. Some of the fabrics are Stonehenge fabrics. The quilt has a red and ecru striped inner border and binding.

If you find a quilt that fits this description, please contact Robin at relaine55@hotmail.com.

Snowman Patches

lovinseileen-snowmanpatchesEileen Lovins hopes someone may have found the Snowman Patches Quilt that she made for her sister. It was last seen during July 2010 in Dayton, Ohio. Her sister had put the quilt in storage during a move, and she lost the contents of her storage unit during a sale for payment for the unit.

This quilt is about 25-1/2″ by 25-1/2″. The main colors are red plaid, green, orange, and cream fabric with gold stars. The pattern was from the December 2005 issue of Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine. This quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted. Suit is embellished with black buttons. It may have been labeled with the hand embroidered initials “EML” and the year.

Eileen writes, “It was a really hard time for my sister. She lost a lot of her keepsakes and has beat herself up for this. I am sure it went to a thrift store or something like that but I would love to find it to give that back to her. Thank you to any one who looks at this and might know anything.” If you can help, please contact Eileen at lucyvanpelt27@gmail.com.

Recovered! Jennifer’s Hug Quilt

DurningMarijkeVroomen-JennifersHugQuiltMarijke Vroomen Durning wanted to find Jennifer’s Hug Quilt which she made for Jennifer Gregory. It was last seen on June 15, 2015. It went missing during shipment from Montreal, Quebec to Wake Forest, North Carolina. The tracking information says the package was delivered on June 18th, but the recipient never received it and none of her neighbors received it in error.

On September 13, Marieke received the wonderful news that the quilt has been found! Apparently someone in the recipient’s family saw the box (which a reused box from coffee pods) and they thought that was what the box contained, so they stored it in the pantry. Just this morning, the quilt recipient went to open a box of new coffee pods…. and found the quilt.

This quilt is 40″ by 50″. The main colors are purple, green, blue, and off-white. Marieke used batiks. The off-white pieces have signatures and well-wishes. The backing fabric is of the Norther Lights. This quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted in 2016. It has a label on one of the corner signature squares that says, “For Jennifer Gregory” along with “Montreal, Quebec, May (or June) 2016.”

Betty Boop Quilt

bentleydebra-bettyboopDebra Bentley is searching for her Betty Boop quilt. The quilt was last seen during 2005 in Troy, Ohio. Debra is not sure what happened to the quilt, but her mother had dementia, so she may have given it to Goodwill, or she may have accidentally thrown it out.

This quilt is about 60″ wide by 65″ long. The main colors are browns, beiges, a tiger print, and a fabric with Betty Boop in a tiger-skin bikini carrying a spear (shown to the left). The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted in 2003. This quilt has a label which says, “For Mom, Love Debra Bentley, 2/9/2003.” The label is handwritten on a corner of the backing with a Pigma pen.

bettyboopIf you’ve seen a quilt that fits this description, please contact Debra at bentleyd57@yahoo.com.

Rolling Waves

murthadiane-rollingwavesDiane Murtha is searching for her Rolling Waves Quilt. The quilt was last seen on August 23, 2016 at the Doubletree Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina. The quilt was displayed during a quilt retreat. A passerby asked about purchasing the quilt and was quoted a price. During the night, this quilt, along with several others, were locked in the event room along with the attendees machines and supplies. The room was located next to the hotel front desk. The next morning around 10 AM, it was discovered that the quilt was missing. A police report has been filed.

This red and white quilt is 82″ by 82″. Diane made it from a commercial pattern by Jane Koelker. The front is made from various-sized nine patch blocks. The binding is red and the backing is a black and white toile. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. It was made in 2016. It has a label that says, “Rolling Waves / Diane Murtha / (her phone number) / SQU Springfield Chapter.” The label is on the bottom right corner.

If you find this quilt, please contact Diane at murtha123@gmail.com.

Hour Glass Quilt

greenedanielle-hourglassDanielle Green is hoping someone can help her locate an Hour Glass quilt that she made for Mary Novetzke. The nursing home said it was sent to be cleaned by Shippleys in Sioux City, Iowa, but it never returned. It was last seen on June 20, 2016 at the Dow Rummel Retirement Village, Allen wing.

The quilt is about 75″ by 80″. It was made during 2008-2009. It is a scrappy quilt with a bright yellow border. It features an assortment of fabrics including red teddy bears, birds, flowers, and M&M candy fabric. The backing is a blue floral. This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. It has a label that says, “To Mary Novetzke / May this quilt comfort you when we are far apart. / Love your daughter, Danielle / Made in Belgium.” The label is on a triangle of fabric sewn into a back corner.

Danielle writes, “My mother has little to comfort her in the nursing home. This quilt was a source of warmth and happiness for her.” If you can help in the recovery of this quilt, please contact Danielle at Danielle_greene8@hotmail.com.

Trip Round the World

Betty Rodrigue is asking for help in recovering a Trip Round the World quilt made by her mother. The quilt was last seen sometime before July 4, 2016 in her home in Saint Cloud, Florida. Her son put two quilts in a station wagon to go back home. He and his wife made a stop on the way, and when they got home they realized the quilts were not in the wagon. Only an empty bag was left.

The Trip Round the World quilt was extra large king size. The center square is peach. Each square is different with matching strips. It is made mostly with cotton fabrics. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. It has a beautiful border and is long enough to cover the bed pillows. This quilt was made around 1986.

If you find a quilt that fits this description, please contact Betty at tele_betty777@yahoo.com.

Folk Art Sampler

CopelandJan-FolkArtSamplerJan Copeland would like to recover her Folk Art Sampler quilt. It was last seen on August 11, 2016 at Patchwork Plus in Wood River, Illinois. Jan writes, “I think the quilt walked out the door of the shop along with 2 quilts.”

This quilt is 74″ by 90″. The main colors are red, green, and white. It is made with 1800’s reproduction prints. It is machine pieced, hand appliqu├ęd, and hand quilted. This quilt was made in 2011.

If you can help with the recovery of this quilt, please contact Jan at patchworkplus@att.net.

Whig’s Defeat Work in Progress

GibbonsJeanne-WhigsDefeatWIPJeanne Gibbons is asking for help locating her Whig’s Defeat quilt top. This is a work in progress. It was last seen on July 10, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. It was in her car, in her sewing bag. Her car was broken into and her entire sewing kit, including the corners of this work in progress was stolen.

This work in progress is in two pieces, approximately a 36″ triangle. The main colors are green, red, pink and white. The green is a subtle polka dot by Patrick Lose. The white is a tone-on-tone polka dot. It is hand pieced.

If you find this work in progress, please contact Jeanne at absinthe@prodigy.net.