Missing: Modified Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Gabriella Duncan is looking for a 50″x 62″ quilt she designed of turquoise, mauve and charcoal fabrics she personally procion dyed. The quilt is a modified version of a tumbling blocks pattern with blocks arranged in flowing color gradations.  The quilt has a label on the back with Cataclopia, Gabriella Duncan, April 1991 written or typed on white muslin.

Speaking of her quilt Gabriella says, “It had been on the wall (of my home) for a number of years, then put with other quilts on a dedicated shelf, so I never routinely checked or inventoried to see that it was there, until I went to look for it last week.” Gabriella believes “it was taken by person or persons unknown some time in the last 18 years” from her home in Tucson, Arizona.

Gabriella further states, “This was the best piece I ever made and it means the world to me. It won a prize at the 1993 Tuscon Quilter’s Guild annual show.  I offer a no-questions-asked reward for its return.”

If you have information regarding this quilt, please contact Gabriella at gabzd@hotmail.com

Given the length of time that has transpired since Gabriella has last seen her quilt, please share this post, regardless of your location. Thank you!

Quilt Found!

Thanks to our wonderful followers on Facebook and Instagram, Deb Moon MacPhail contacted us today to say, “Quilt has been found.  The guy who took delivery has made contact and will be turned over to the recipient, next week when she can arrange a meeting.  Thank you for all your help.

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Pauline’s Quilted Stars

Pam Carnes hopes to recover a quilt she made for her late mother, Pauline James. The quilt was last seen in 2016 in Vassar, Michigan. The family believes a friend who visited Pauline may have taken the quilt because no one was able to find it any where in the home after Pauline passed away. The quilt may possibly have been sold at a garage sale.

This quilt is a large lap quilt, possibly about 40″ wide. The main colors are blue, black, yellow, red, and florals. It has an iron-on label on the back lower left corner. The label says either “Mom” or “made by Pam.”

If you find this quilt, please contact Pam at Poohdersdoo@hotmail.com.

Recovered! Diamond in the Rough

Amy Gay reports the loss of a quilt made by Katherine Gay called Diamond in the Rough. The quilt was last seen at the Cajun Dome on February 21, 2018 in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was turned in for the State JrBeta convention. It was judged and placed second, but it was never seen again.

On April 7, Amy reported that this quilt, along with all of the stolen art projects, magically reappeared! This means that Katherine will be able move on to the National Jr Beta Convention in June. By then, Amy plans on purchasing a Tile and sewing it to the label.

This quilt is 76″ by 100″. It is mainly green batiks and purple and teal solids. It has hand-guided quilting with paisley and meander patterns. It has a unique scrappy backing made from leftover fabrics. There is a label which says, “Diamond in the Rough, All piecing and hand-guided machine quilting done by Kat Gay, February 2018.” The label is hand stitched to the bottom corner of the quilt.

Recovered! Tiffany Hayes’s Quilt

Karen Stenback is asking for help locating quilt made by Tiffany Hayes. It was last seen on March 8, 2018 at the Antelope Valley Quilt Guild Meeting in Lancaster, California. It was being shown to advertise an upcoming class and disappeared from the meeting site.

On April 17, 2018, Karen reported that this quilt has been recovered! Apparently the name of the quilt was changed by the maker, but the label had the previous name so thankfully it ended up being a simple case of mistaken identity.

The bed-size quilt is made in jewel tones. It was machine pieced and machine quilted in 2018.

Recovered! Girl Scouts Rule

Christie Eckardt is searching for her “Girl Scouts Rule” quilt. It was last seen during December 2016 in the British Club in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She had it at a quilters meeting and it was either already gone when she left, or it was accidentally left under the table and went missing afterwards. The Club had nothing in their lost and found department.

On April 6, 2018 Christie reported that this quilt was recovered!

This quilt is about 48″ by 60″. The main colors are white, green, and pink. Printed Girl Scouts fabrics are used. This top is machine pieced, machine appliquéd and machine quilted. This quilt had just been handed back from a longarm quilter and it was not yet bound.

Barn Raising Log Cabin

Dodie Rife is asking for help locating this Barn Raising Log Cabin quilt. It was donated to NOVA by Steve Butler. This quilt was last seen on February 5, 2018 at NOVA Center in Billings, Montana. The quilt was on display and being offered for sale to benefit NOVA. When staff came to work on Tuesday morning, it was missing.

This is a king size quilt with two king size shams. The main colors are gold and brown calico. It was made around 1970.

If you have any information about this quilt, please contact Dodie at producer@novabillings.org, or notify Dodie Rife at NOVA 406-591-9535.

Signature Quilt

Kelly Bailey is searching for a family signature quilt. It was made by her 2nd or 3rd aunt. The quilt was last seen in 1991. It was in her hope chest in the garage of a friend who apparently sold it in a garage sale.

It was made around 1979 or 1980. It is cobalt blue on one side and white on the other side. The signatures were embroidered with different colors. She thinks it has the Smith family name in blue. Some other names that might be on the quilt are Kelly Letien, Kenneth (Ken) Letien, Kristine
(Kristine) Letien, Lewis Crews, Idella (Della) Crews, and/or Rosemary Bollman.

Kelly writes, “I KNOW this is a long shot, but here it goes.
I am looking for a family quilt that was presented at my grandparents
family reunion when I was about 8 (this was my mom’s mom’s family)
Everyone signed the quilt and my aunt took it home and hand stitched
over the signatures in different colors. I never forgot that quilt &
talked about how I’d love to have it to keep. My senior year in high
school, my grandmother (my dad’s mom) surprised me with it. This was
in 1988. BEST GIFT E-V-E-R!!

“In 1991, I was living in Mineral Wells, TX. I wasn’t there long, but
I lived with a co-worker at the time. When I decided to move back
home, I asked if I could keep my things in her garage for a few weeks
until I can get a truck to load it all up. She said that was fine.
When I returned about 3 weeks later, she said she sold EVERYTHING in a
garage sale…INCLUDING MY HOPE CHEST with LOTS of memories in it…it
had that quilt in there!!!!”

I Spy Alaska

Nadja Bode is searching for a quilt she made called I Spy Alaska. The quilt was last seen in November 2017. It was accidentally given to a thrift store in either Raymond, South Bend, Hoquim, or Aberdeen; all cities in Washington.

This lap-size quilt is mainly purples, blues, and pinks. There are Alaskan animal fabrics bordered with pink fireweed fabric. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. Nadja used an I Spy quilt pattern by Lisa Moore. It may or may not be labeled. If it is, it would have been written with a Micron pen on the back, and it would say something like “To Honey (or Nellie) From Nadja.”

Nadja had given this quilt to her mother-in-law, and it was to be returned to Nadja when her mother-in-law passed away, but someone took it to a thrift store instead. Nadja will give an Alaskan reward for its return. If you find this quilt, please Nadja at Nbod@hotmail.com.

US Navy Quilt

Charlie Schmidt reports the loss of his US Navy Quilt which was made by his aunt. The quilt was last seen in Raleigh, North Carolina on July 20, 2015. He sold his house, and in all of the chaos of moving, it was accidentally left in a closet.

This quilt was made from t-shirts that he collected while he was in the Navy. It has US Navy fleece at the bottom. His aunt made the quilt in 2014.

If you find this quilt, please contact Charlie at Gocscharlie@gmail.com.