Into the Garden

Robin Albertson would like to recover her quilt, Into the Garden, which was made for her mother’s 85th birthday. The quilt was stolen during a home burglary. It was last seen in Galt, California during 2013.

This quilt covers the top of a queen/full bed. It was made in 2012. It is very colorful. The main colors are blues, pinks, greens, and yellows. It has fairy prints, flowers, and butterfly prints. The backing and binding have butterflies with both blue/brown and black backgrounds. There is a label machine stitched in black thread on an orange/red with green geranium print fabric that reads, “Into the Garden – November 2012 – To Mom, Love Robin.” The label is hand sewn to a front corner.

If you find this quilt, please contact Robin at

Sampler Re-Mix

JoinerSidney-SamplerReMixSidney Joiner is searching for her quilt called Sampler Re-Mix. The quilt was made for Jen Pengelly. It was last seen during October 2015 when it was shipped from Oakland, California.

This queen size quilt is approximately 90″ by 98″. The main colors are red, yellow, and white. There is one green block that is obviously mis-pieced. There is a label on the back which says,

“Born to Quilt”
Quilt Name: Sampler Re-Mix
Made with Love by: Sidney Joiner
Date: June 17, 2015
For: Kris and Jen Pengelly

The label is hand appliqued to the back of the quilt in the bottom right corner.

If you find this quilt, please contact Sidney at

Tessellated Maple Leaf

Allison Battis is asking for help recovering her Tessellated Maple Leaf quilt, made for her by her grandmother. It may have been left at a laundry mat in Apponaug, Rhode Island as many as five years ago, possibly during June 2010. This queen size quilt with an orange border and orange backing. The leaf tips are not attached so that it makes them look like they are all piled up. The quilt is made using a tessellated maple leaf pattern with the leaf tips loose. It was made in 2010.

Allison is offering a reward for its return. If you find this quilt, please contact Allison at

Found: Improv Round Robin Quilt Tops

NixonSusan-ImprovQuiltSusan Nixon was participating in an improvisational round robin exchange during 2012-2013. Three quilt tops were at the house of one of the participants when that person became ill with cancer and eventually died at the end of October 2015. Someone going through her belongings found the quilt tops and wants to return them to their owners.

One of the three quilt tops had a label with the names of four quilters who were participating in the round robin challenge. The names listed are Kim Scammon, Greenfield, MA; Victoria Jung, Pacific Palisades, CA; Patty Krupp, Ft. Myers, FL; and Susan’s name.

Another quilt had an envelope with the names and address of the person who passed away along with a few notes. The last quilt did not have any documentation.

NixonSusan-ImprovQuilt2 NixonSusan-ImprovQuilt3

If you can help reunite any of these quilt tops to their rightful owners, please contact Susan at

Recovered! Dragon Star & Red, White and Sometimes Blue

JonesKatrina-DragonStarKatrina Jones hoped someone could help her recover two quilts that became missing during September 2015. She shipped them in a suitcase along with some personal items from Belfast, UK to Colorado and the suitcase went missing during transit on September 12.

On November 8, 2015, Katrina reported that the missing quilts have been recovered! Katrina writes, “I recommend that anyone with a lost case contacts the shippers every day until they finally are told where the case first disappeared, then find the numbers for the warehouse hubs it was between, then call those hubs directly. We were told that they’d searched their warehouses worldwide for it, but when we called the hub it had been on its way to when it vanished, the girl there said, ‘No one’s asked me to look. I’ll go check right now.’ She found it in a matter of minutes.”

“Dragon Star” was made by Delphine Miller. It is queen size, and the main colors are blue and green batiks. This quilt was made using Judy Niemeyer’s “Dragon Star” pattern. The quilting motif around the border and in the big white patches has a heart pattern. This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. It has a label on the back corner that says something like, “Made for the wedding of Andrew Jones and Katrina Miller by her mother Delphine Miller.”

JonesKatrina-RedWhiteAndSomtimesBlueThe second missing quilt is called “Red, White, and Sometimes Blue.” It is throw size, and is made mostly with a Moda line of fabric that features roses. The back is pieced of dark blue with light tan roses and dark blue with small tan stars.

Recovered! Heart rag quilt

TuzinskiSandy-HeartsSandy Tuzinski shipped this quilt to her nephew for his wedding. The quilt was shipped on July 16, 2015 from Bloomington, Minnesota to Independence, Oregon. It was shipped in a plain, brown, rectangular box with signature confirmation, but it was never delivered. Her nephew and his bride have now moved to Colorado, but they never received their quilt, nor was it forwarded to them.

Four months later, Sandy wrote, “I have wonderful news that the wedding quilt for my nephew and his bride has returned home to me!!! The outside of the box was really beat up but the quilt was snug as a bug inside, still wrapped in the gift bag! I was so thrilled and wanted you to know right away. Thank you for all you do to help so many! Doing a Snoopy dance here in Minnesota!”

This twin-size quilt is made with raw-edge, frayed appliqué. The main colors are reds, creams, and pinks. Some of the fabrics have musical notes or bunnies with musical instruments.

The quilt has a label which says,

Wishing you
A house full of sunshine,
Two hearts full of cheer,
Love that grows deeper,
Each day of the year.
From an old Welsh Blessing
A Wedding Keepsake for
Nick and Rachael
Made by:
Auntie Sue and Auntie Sandy

The label was hand written on a piece of fabric and hand appliquéd to a back corner.

Update: Nightshadows

Update: As of 10/27/15, Mancuso is saying that all 14 boxes of quilts have arrived at their warehouse in Bloomington, California and will be returned to their owners very soon.

WrightSallyGould-NightshadowsSally Gould Wright is asking for help locating her original quilt, Nightshadows. This quilt was last seen during early October 2015 in Bloomington, California. The quilt was part of the Quilts On The Wall special exhibit. Quilts in this exhibit disappeared along with seven other special exhibit shows that were meant to be displayed at the Mancuso Quiltfest Oasis in Palm Springs. All eight exhibits consisting of over one hundred quilts are missing.

This quilt is made with hand-dyed fabrics, as well as transparent and opalescent organzas. The main colors are gray, black, and silver. It is fused applique. There is a label fused to the back with the title and Sally’s name.

If you find this quilt, please contact Sally at

Update: Aged Entry; All Are Welcome

Update: As of 10/27/15, Mancuso is saying that all 14 boxes of quilts have arrived at their warehouse in Bloomington, California and will be returned to their owners very soon.

BainWendy-Aged-EntryAllAreWelcomeWendy Bain has reported that a pallet of quilts has gone missing. The quilts were last seen during early October 2015. It is recorded as being delivered to the Mancuso Bros. warehouse for two quilt shows in California, and it was signed for. Twenty-five Door quilts were put on a pallet with other quilts and shipped to Quiltfest Oasis in Palm Springs, but they never arrived. The police said the shipper did not own the quilts, so they were not able to file a police report. There is a $5,000 reward for all these quilts to be found and returned
to their rightful owners.

Wendy’s original quilt, “Aged Entry; All Are Welcome,” is among the missing quilts. This quilt is 20-1/4″ wide by 29-1/2″ high. The main colors are greys, browns, and purple. The door is made from a striped batik in shades of brown ranging from light caramel to dark brown. Many of the stones are made from speckly Stonehenge fabrics. The door was pieced, the stones were fused, and everything was machine quilted. Paint was applied to the fabric for shadows and shading. Grass and weeds were stitched on the steps. The quilt is labeled with the title, Wendy’s name, and “Grand Junction, CO / 2015 / AQuA Doors Exhibit.” The label is on the back at the bottom.

If you find this quilt, please contact Wendy at

Recovered! Quilted Apropos Handbag

MaciejewskiShannon-QuiltedAproposHandbagShannon Maciejewski was hoping someone would find the quilted handbag she made. The purse was last seen on September 30, 2012 at The American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. It won and honorable mention in the Out of the Box challenge. She received a letter a couple weeks later saying it had been awarded sixth place and the sponsor would be keeping it to take on tour with them for one year. The year passed, and it wasn’t returned. Shannon contacted them in October 2013 and several times after that. Finally, at Christmas time, she was told that the bag had been lost while on tour. She had no idea where the tour went, what shows were visited, or even if it was in the US the entire time.

The good news is that on October 16, 2015, her Apropos bag was returned! She got the package from the American Sewing Expo with the bag and a letter stating that the contest sponsor had found it and returned it to them.

This purse is 7″ by 4″. It was made from the Apropos Pack pattern by Studio Kat Designs. It has a black exterior with multicolored quilting. The interior is black and orange. Shannon used three different threads to quilt/embroider the exterior of the purse before sewing it together. The threads are bright lime green, metallic blue, and a variegated pink/blue/green/yellow thread.

King-size scrappy quilt

Nancy Coon is hoping to recover a king-size, hand-pieced, scrappy quilt. The quilt was made by Melita Fenton and Marybell Coon. The quilt was last seen during January 2015 in Holladay, Utah. Nancy suspects it was stolen by a home health aide.

This quilt has green lining and patchwork piecing with many small blocks. A lot of the blocks have green in them. The piecing is a geometric design, mostly smallish rectangles and squares, about 2″ square. The quilt was pieced from leftover fabrics. It was hand pieced before 1970 and hand quilted before 2010.

Nancy says, “I am willing to pay a sizable reward for its return in good condition. There aren’t that many king sized hand-pieced, hand-quilted treasures out there with a green lining. Please be on the lookout and contact me with any information. Thank you!!” If you see a quilt that fits this description, please contact Nancy at