Lost: Smith Mountain Morning Quilt

Pamela Crane is asking for help in locating a very special quilt she made in 2016 for her son, Kyle Lunger from his green and khaki BDU’s, worn while stationed in Iran.

This quilt was made with Bonnie Hunter’s Smith Mountain Morning pattern.  The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted. It measures 71 by 80 inches

Pamela reported, “I don’t remember, but I believe the quilt was labeled. My name (Pamela Crane) and the date (2016), probably, and maybe my son’s name (Kyle Lunger) would be on the label, sewn on the back in a corner.”

Kyle’s quilt last seen in Greenville, South Carolina in September, 2018. Pamela said, “My son and his family lost their home and were not able to retrieve many of their belongings. There were quite a few quilts left behind and I fear they were probably thrown in the trash. I am not hopeful that this quilt will be found, but just in case…” If you know anything about this quilt please contact Pamela Crane at pbl4him@aol.com

Missing: Culture Quilt

Allison Smith is looking for a quilt she made in 2002 while at East Tennessee State University.  Ali named her project “Culture Quilt”. This unique quilt is an original design, between single and double bed size, made of blue batik fabric for both the border and sashings.

I was contracted to teach the workshop and students made squares during the day which were incorporated into the quilt. Sorority Delta made a square and a Blind female among others participating.

Ali last saw this quilt in October, 2002 at East Tennessee State University. Ali reported, “This quilt was NOT stolen. I would like to know where it is so I can label it and give a brief story about the quilt. I didn’t do that 16 years ago. I was a new quilter.”

If you have any information about this Culture Quilt, please contact Allison Smith at Smithall27@gmail.com

Back to business!

Hello! Lost Quilt Come Home has been through a rough time with hackers that has caused great difficulty in doing the work of sharing real information about lost and found quilts. It’s not entirely fixed, but I have deleted over 1.000 bogus reports, and are getting back up and running. Thank you for your patience while we continue to do what we can to upgrade this site, become more efficient and focus on the mission of finding quilts. To those who have contacted me regarding your quilts, I will be sharing your pictures and stories, and so appreciate your patience. We will be here to support you in finding your quilts.

Stolen: Tanya’s Christmas Quilt

Denise is asking for help in locating this beautiful quilt she made as a Christmas, 2018 gift to her daughter, Tanya. The quilt features red, green, yellow, blue and purple fabrics and is approximately 48′ x 62″. The quilt was machine pieced and quilted, with a hand sewn binding. Additionally the quilt has a label: Merry Christmas, Tanya 2018 which is sewn on the bottom right corner of the quilt back.

Denise’s daughter, Tanya left the quilt in her truck, in Portland, Oregon. The quilt was last seen on January 16, 2019. The truck, which was uninsured as it was being repaired, was broken into and the quilt, along with other personal items were stolen.

Denise said,

“If you are in or near the Portland, OR area, it would be wonderful if

you would note if you see this quilt. It was stolen from my daughter;

it was a Christmas 2018 gift I made for her. Thieves broke into her

vehicle and stole it along with other personal belongings… she is


If you see this quilt, or have any information about it, please contact Denise at packfan342@comcast.net

Let’s get Leo home!

Please help us catch a criminal and bring Leo home!

On November 14, 2018 an older white male entered a business center on the east side of Terre Haute Indiana and stole a valuable art quilt. The suspect walked in and removed the art from it’s display, rolled it up, and walked out the door. He put the art work in his vehicle and exited the premises.
The vehicle is believed to be a 97 Dodge Dakota extended cab pickup truck (V6 sport) dark in color (maybe black)
There was female who remained in the pickup during the theft.
If you have seen either of these individuals or the black pickup truck I urge you to contact the Terre Haute Police Department (812) 238-1661 or reply to this post.
There is a $100 reward for information that leads to the safe recovery of this unique work of art.
Description of art work:
This art quilt is like a large black tapestry that depicts a very colorful lion approximate size is 52×44 (see image)

We are growing!

Lostquilt.com has seen tremendous activity in the past few months. It’s gratifying that there is so much interest and support given to people who have had the unfortunate experience of losing a quilt. When I can report that a quilt is found, we rejoice together, and the good news is shared with great gusto. All this traffic on the website is exciting, as people are coming here to find support, and we are getting results. Just this month (November 2018) two more quilts found their way home!

Lostquilt.com is operated on a volunteer basis, without any monetary compensation. As exciting as it is to be involved in this mission, the operational costs of the website are increasing due to the additional web traffic. I have been asked how one might make a donation. Today I can tell you that a donation tab has been added to this page. Your contribution will help offset the increasing operational expenses and continue to spread the message and raise awareness of the challenges associated with finding and protecting quilts.

Thank you for re-sharing our quilt stories, and for your enthusiastic financial support. It’s an exciting journey we’re on, and I’m gratified you’ve chosen to come along!

Misdelivered Quilt is going home. OK!

This happened so quickly that I couldn’t find the time to post it here before the mystery was solved.  In October, 2018 a quilt was shipped from a retail location with the intent to go from one city to another both in Oklahoma.  The address label that was created had significant errors.  Here’s the message that came to Lost Quilt Come Home.  “Looking for the owner. Ihave this quilt. It was delivered to Payless, Brookville, Ohio about 3 weeks ago, with no information on the outside or inside.”  Apparently the quilt should have been delivered to an address in Oklahoma, but instead went to Ohio.

A post was created and put on the Facebook page for Lost Quilt Come Home.  Before the day was over a Facebook user recognized the quilt as her daughter’s Lazy Sunday missing quilt!  After a few lengthy video chats,  several text messages, and the support of an active quilting community on Facebook, the quilt is now being safely shipped back home to Oklahoma. OK!

Lost! Two Quilts

Please share! Let’s help Peggy to find these quilts. In her own words: “A very sad quilt thing happened. After I brought home my quilts from our guild’s quilt show, I gave my daughter back the 2 I had made for her kids, my grands. They were in her car along with a bunch of other things to be dropped off to a charity box in Media, PA. Yep! On November 1, they were mistakenly dropped into the box, as well. She has contacted the company and she and they’ve gone through bins and bins of things. Have not found them. We’d love to find them, of course. Please keep your eyes out. They both have labels on them, but were stitched on. The first quilt has a label which reads, Welcome to the World Leo Solomon Butler
The other quilt is labeled, Welcome to the World Talia Rae Butler.  Both quilts also have the name of the quilt maker (aka Grandma) Pieced and quilted by Peggy Kushman.
PLEASE share this so, maybe they could be found.
Update: I found out that once the box contents are picked up, they go straight to Glassboro, NJ. From there, anywhere in the world.” ?
If you know anything about the whereabouts of these quilts please send a message tooctopusouphit@gmail.com  Thank you!