Emma Jean’s quilts

JansenEmmaJean-9BirdsEmma Jean Jansen is asking for help in locating her two missing quilts. These two quilts were last seen in October 2013 in Houston, Texas, right after it was displayed at quilt market. They were in a suitcase along with several other quilts. The suitcase never arrived in Los Angeles, California. She was booked for an international flight the next day, but the airlines never found her suitcase.

One of the missing quilts is “9 Birds,” an original design that is 60″ (152 cm) square. The main colors are orange and turquoise. All of the fabrics are from Emma Jean’s first fabric line for Ella Blue “Terra Australis.” This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. The backing is birch colored linen. This quilt is labeled on the back with Emma Jean’s name.

JansenEmmaJean-WaratahPinkAnother quilt that is missing is “Waratah Pink.” This quilt is 82″ (209 cm) square. The main colors are pink and teal. This quilt is also made from Emma Jean’s fabric line. It also has a label on the back with Emma Jean’s name, date made, and her logo, an 8-pointed star in rainbow colors.

If you find this quilt, you can contact Emma Jean through Leonie Shaw at leonieanddavid@yahoo.com or through Ella Blue Fabrics at info@ellabluefabrics.com.

Phyllis and Richard’s quilt

ZizzaCarrie-PhyllisAndRichardCarrie Zizza is asking for help locating a quilt she made for Phyllis and Richard Bowden. The quilt was last seen during April 2006. Carrie had returned it to Richard at his home after it hung at MQX in Manchester, New Hampshire. Richard was suffering from Alzheimer’s and his family believes he may have inadvertently given it away or hidden it somewhere. It is a treasured family heirloom, and the family is anxious to recover it.

This quilt is approximately 98″ by 120″. It is her original layout inspired by Phyllis’s favorite dinnerware pattern and Richard’s woodworking patterns. The background is white, and it is appliqued in red, blue, green, and tan. At the top there are two appliqued tan birds facing each other with a heart, tulip, and leaf swag above them. The center medallion has two birds facing each other with two hearts beneath them, surrounded by a wreath of red tulips and blue asters, leaves, and embroidered stems. It has a scalloped border and is bound with a blue fabric. It is quilted with a feather wreath around the center medallion, a feather swag at the top of the quilt and a stipple background fill.

This quilt is machine appliqued and machine quilted. The quilt was made in 2005. It is labeled on the bottom right corner of the back. The label says, “Pieced, embroidered and appliqued by Carrie Zizza Amesbury, MA Quilted by Janet-Lee Santeusanio, Hampton Falls, NH.” There is a second label on the bottom left corner that reads something like, “Phyllis and Richard” along with their anniversary date. The labels are hand appliqued to the back of the quilt.

If you find this quilt, please contact Carrie at Carrie@ItsAZizza.com.

Civil War Sampler

DuncanLibby-CivilWarSamplerLibby Duncan would like to recover her Civil War Sampler quilt. The quilt was on display at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds in Bracebridge, Ontario. It was last seen on June 7, 2014. At the end of the quilt show, it was missing.

This 72″ by 80″ quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. Libby used Civil War reproduction fabrics. Libby made it from a Craftsy online course with Kaye England. The main colors are red, yellow, green, brown, blue, and pink. There is a label fused to the back with Libby’s name.

If you find this quilt, please contact Libby at Libbyduncan705@gmail.com.

Tub of quilts lost in Kansas

David McIntosh hopes someone has found a tub of quilts made by Genevieve McIntosh. Five of the quilts were baby quilts. Two were full-size, and there was also a lap rug. Most are machine-made scrap quilts. She used mostly pastels. One of the quilts in particular is a crib-size baby quilt for Luke. It is Genevieve’s original design. One large quilt was a diagonal striped pattern. There of the quilts were labeled for either Luke or Amanda. Others just said “not assigned.”.

These quilts were last seen on June 22, 2014 on Interstate 70, west of Salina, Kansas, possibly around Russell, Kansas. The tub of quilts were strapped down in the back of a truck. The tub is blue plastic and the lid was duct taped on. Someone went back later in the day to find them, but they couldn’t find it. The quilts were going with David’s mother to her assisted living home. They were specifically made for her grandchildren, weddings, and first babies.

If you find this quilt, please contact David at dwmci@comcast.net.

Recovered! Blue Motherboard

Blue Motherboard by Ruby Horansky

Blue Motherboard by Ruby Horansky

Ruby Horansky needed help recovering her quilt, Blue Motherboard. Ruby last saw it on April 9, 2014 when it was wheeled out to the shipping company’s truck along with other packages. The company claimed it was never scanned into the system and they had no record of it other than a request for a pick up. The quilt was packed in a tube, 36″ long and about 5″ diameter, and the tube is taped on both ends. It was labeled on the outside of the tube and there was a return shipping label and postage inside.

On May 25, 2014, Ruby joyfully reported that her quilt had been found! It was returned to her in its original packing, and she was told it had been mis-delivered to a home five blocks away. Ruby has no idea why it wasn’t delivered to its original destination in North Carolina.

This quilt is 45″ high by 36″ wide. The main colors are blue with red, orange, and yellow. One distinctive fabric is a light blue “crazy” patchwork. This quilt is hand and machine appliqued, machine pieced, and machine quilted. The quilt has a label hand appliqued to the lower right-hand corner on the back. The label includes the title of the quilt, its dimensions, date completed, maker’s name, address, phone number, and website.

Satori’s Coming of Age into Womanhood quilt

Satori-ComingOfAge1Adele purchased a queen size quilt at a local secondhand store in Langley, British Columbia. She calls it Satori’s Coming of Age into Womanhood quilt. It is dated 31 October 2009. Adele is looking for Satori (no last name). She believes this beautiful quilt must have been lost or stolen because it was obviously custom made with a lot of love from the women in her family. It was sewn/quilted by Cindy Paulsgrove and Dawn Frankwick. She has Facebook messaged two women with these names, hoping they might have been the quilters, but she is asking the quilting community for any other possible leads.

If you are able to provide any information that would help return this quilt to Satori, please contact Adele at butterflybc@telus.net.

City Streets

GrisdelaCindy-CityStreetsCindy Grisdela reports that two of her “City Streets” panels were stolen from her booth tent during the night or early morning at an outdoor show in Reston, Virginia on May 17, 2014. A police report has been filed. Show security and the show representatives were also notified.

Each panel is 20″ by 20″. They are beige and tan with vertical stripes in red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and brown. Cindy used Cherrywood Fabrics. These original designs are machine pieced and machine quilted. The panels are mounted on artist canvas which has been painted black. These panels were part of a triptych. They are labeled with Cindy’s name, the year 2014, and her website address. Her name is quilted onto the front.

If you have any information regarding these panels, please contact Cindy at cpgrisdela@gmail.com.


PfeilClaudia-CirclelationClaudia Pfeil needs help recovering her quilt called Circleation. It was last seen on May 7, 2014 in Salt Lake City. Claudia was teaching at HMQS in classroom 200B. After finishing the class, she was busy with the students and her two helpers folded all the class examples onto a pile on the table before putting them in her suitcase. The new group of students came in and there was a lot of activity in the room. Apparently during that transition time, the silk quilt disappeared.

This original, wholecloth quilt is 30″ by 37″. It is made of red Dupioni silk. It is machine quilted.

A police report has been filed. The security of the convention center was informed as well. If you can help with the recovery of this quilt, please contact Claudia at claudia@claudiapfeil.com.

Recovered! Parterre

SerraoTamara-GardenPathTamara Serrao asked for help locating her quilt called “Parterre.” It was last seen in February 2014 in Belgium where it was shipped to New York. She has been told it arrived in New York, but it was never delivered. Tamara reported the loss to this website on March 20, 2014.

Happily, on May 5, 2014, Tamara reported that UPS finally found her quilt!

All fabrics from her “Helen’s Garden” fabric collection with Michael Miller Fabrics. Quilt was shown in her booth at the Fall 2013 International Quilt Market. This 59″ by 84″ quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.


HerschmanPeter-OdysseyPeter L Herschman, M.D. reports that on April 26, 2014, a quilt was stolen from his office waiting room in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Apparently, someone walked into the building, entered his waiting room, and took down the quilt which was attached to a wall-mounted board with Velcro. A police report has been filed.

This quilted wall hanging is about 72″ by 96″. The main colors are purple, forest green, pink, and white. Each square contains traditional motifs, ranging from “Castle Keep” to “Kansas Dust Storm.” It is hand quilted.

Dr. Herschman writes, “This quilt is very meaningful to me. I would very much like it back.” If you find this quilt, please contact Dr. Herschman at psadoc2@gto.net.